Redskins 2012 Draft Report Cards

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Robert Griffin III with Roger Goddell at the 2012 NFL draftCan you imagine registering for a bunch of college classes and before you even start your classes your professors start grading you? And the grade is based on not just you but everyone else who registered for that class. And you’re compared with every other group of students at every other school and every class is graded before they even started.


There are a bunch of football professors who can look at a group of athletes before most of them even sign contracts and tell you which group will succeed and which ones will fail. Amazing. And what do these professors say about the Redskins’ draft class?

Beltway Sports Blog — B+

Kirk Cousins, QB: F
This pick is dumb. Yes they needed a 3rd QB to get Beck off the roster, but thats why you have 6th and 7th round picks. Grossman is entrenched as the back up for at least this year, and could be used for a few more years if needed. Before you comment, I do not dislike this pick because I think it will create unneeded competition for RG3 — that’s insane; he is obviously the franchise QB with Cousins on the roster or not. But drafting a QB in the late rounds and developing him to flip for picks down the road is something you do when you have more picks than you do needs — which is the exact opposite of the Redskins. Why on earth wouldn’t you use this choice to get a player to help the QB you just mortgaged your next two drafts to get? This pick should have been Bobbie Massie (OT) , Orson Charles (TE), Jared Crick (DE/DT), or Brandon Boykin (CB).

DraftAce — B

The “controversy” surrounding the selection of Kirk Cousins was purely a media creation. Cousins is a backup quarterback, and he was always going to be a backup. So does it really matter if he’s backing up a 10-year veteran or a rookie? That said, the Redskins could have addressed another need with the 102nd pick. There were still impact players on the board, and Cousins may never see the field in Washington.

Mel Kiper — C+

The Redskins’ draft will forever be the Robert Griffin III draft, for good or for ill. Mel’s grade is kept down, he says, but the extraordinary price the team paid to move up to draft their new quarterback: “I think RG3 will be a very good player, and I think he can be pretty good right out of the gate, but he’s this draft for Washington, and he came at the cost of (likely) three future starters.”

NFL Soup — B

The Washington Redskins were disappointing for the second straight season under Mike Shanahan, and almost certainly enter a make or break year for the current coaching staff.

A huge problem has been the quarterback position, which the Redskins addressed immediately.

Bleacher Report — B-

Round 1 (2): Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor Grade: A

SB Nation — A-

Robert Griffin III. That’s it. Washington’s next three drafts will be judged by the success of RG3. They should be fine.

The front office made a good decision to use three of their later picks on offensive linemen. If just one pans out, that helps the young quarterback.

Still can’t give this one a perfect grade because of the Kirk Cousins pick. Nothing against Cousins, but why take a second rookie quarterback with a fourth-round pick? — B-

This draft, and the future of the franchise, rests in Robert Griffin III’s hands. They sold out for him, and then had a crummy draft after that top pick — Kirk Cousins in Round 4? Downright baffling, even for the Redskins. Washington tried to address its offensive line, but Josh LeRibeus (71), Adam Gettis (141) and Tom Compton (193) form a collection of subpar options.

CSN Philly — B

The Redskins are finally crawling out from under the rock owner Dan Snyder and his flunky Vinny Cerrato put them under for nearly the past two decades. Gone are the wild spending days on over-the-hill stars and the dealing away of draft picks for middling role players.

Now, under Mike Shanahan, the Redskins deal away (boatloads of) picks for potential superstar QBs.

Off Topic Radio Network — B

Bruce Allen, the Redskins general manager, and his staff actually began their draft process several weeks ago when they traded half the roster to move up to the number two overall spot, guaranteeing them either Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III as the next franchise quarterback. Ok, so they didn’t trade half the roster. What they did is swap picks with the St. Louis Rams (six overall to two), plus this year’s second rounder and first rounders in each of the next two years. A steep price, sure. But if in ten years, RGIII is responsible for at least one Superbowl victory, it won’t matter how much they gave up.

CBS Sports — B-

Questionable move: Why take quarterback Kirk Cousins in the fourth round after taking Robert Griffin III in the first? That’s a luxury pick.

Third-day gem: FAU running back Alfred Morris came in the sixth round. Mike Shanahan once drafted Terrell Davis in the sixth round. Morris is smaller than Davis, but has the same type of cutting ability.

Rotoworld — A-

Beyond RG3, this was a draft bound to lack star power after the historical haul required to land Washington’s first franchise passer since Joe Theismann. Left without another top-70 selection, the Redskins stayed true to their board. LeRibeus, Gettis, and Compton are all athletic linemen — system fits for Mike Shanahan’s zone-blocking scheme. Robinson has sideline-to-sideline range. Cousins projects as a quality long-term backup. Morris, Crawford, and Bernstine are special teams prospects. Still, this draft was obviously all about Griffin, and will be judged in the future based almost entirely on how he performs on the field. We think he’ll be pretty good.

Fox Sports — A-

Coach Mike Shanahan and his coordinator son, Kyle, believe they made a smart pick with Michigan State quarterback Kirk Cousins in the fourth round, but all they did was unnecessarily put more pressure on their No. 1 pick, Robert Griffin III. Yes, RG3 can handle it, but we all know what the media will do this summer if he has an awful preseason. The Shanahans must be worried about RG3′s durability, but it doesn’t make much sense to put extra pressure on their anointed No. 1 quarterback. We understand the value in having quarterbacks — former Packers GM Ron Wolf developed it into an art form with Brett Favre on his roster — but this team didn’t have the luxury of making this pick. Besides, the Packers were a proven playoff team when Wolf was working his magic. Cousins is smart, but a lot of teams viewed him as a developmental quarterback. And he better know his place. … SMU guard Josh LeRibeus has the stoutness to be a starter this season while Iowa guard Adam Gettis is scrappy and figures to be a reserve. … Florida Atlantic’s Alfred Morris is a running back who fits the Washington style. … Two late secondary performers, SMU’s Richard Crawford and Iowa’s Jordan Bernstine, figure to be battling for one roster spot.

Fox News — B

Summary: Though the Redskins have caught some heat for the Cousins pick and there isn’t a sure starter out of the ranks other than Griffin, Mike Shanahan and GM Bruce Allen still got their franchise quarterback while accomplishing secondary goals of adding depth at the offensive line and linebacker. Griffin alone gives this class an above-average grade.

E-Dog Night on ExtremeSkins — B+

9) Jordan Bernstine: B Good value pick, would have gone higher if not for injuries. Could be a starting safety in 2-3 years.