Maybe it's because no one can spell his last name right?

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Why Dave Chappelle Went Crazy

Isn't it obvious why Dave Chappelle had to get away!?

I went to see Dave Chappelle at The Tabernacle in Atlanta a few years ago, and I was pretty stunned at what I heard. Everyone knows he's one of America's funniest comedians, but America only hears the punchlines.

Dave Chappelle isn't your average jokester. Eddie Murphy had us rolling about chasing the ice cream man; Richard Pryor has us cracking up with the splash of water from taking a sh*t; Martin Lawrence has us scared to whistle the Andy Griffith Show theme music; The Kings of Comedy had us trippin' about everything else...

Dave Chappelle is a li'l different. He has his off-the-wall comedy, but if you weren't listening to him and just reading the script without the humor, you'd think he was a politician, a civil rights leader, an activist, a sociologist, psychologist, historian and young black man in America wrapped into one.

We were introduced to Mr. Bigsby by Dave Chappelle, met The N*ggers and even I want to order a bottle of Samuel Jackson though I don't drink beer. But does anyone appreciate why? Is it just comedy Chappelle is delivering, or is he also raising our awareness of how our society is still plagued by stereotypes, racism and ignorance? Comedy is just his forum to deliver his message just as President Bush uses town hall meetings saturated with only his supporters.

Sure Chappelle was awarded more money than politicians make in a lifetime at once, and it was because he has a way of making us laugh at ourselves and our society, but it seems he also is trying to tell society something about itself in the process and no one is listening. I'm sure everywhere he goes people are yelling out, "I'm Rich, B*tch!" and it has to be driving him crazy. The only worse situation is the Verizon Wireless guy hearing, "Can you hear me now?" everywhere he goes.

I feel for Dave Chappelle because he's much more intelligent than people give him credit. It's not that anyone is claiming he's shallow-minded or dumb; it's that people do not give him the credit he deserves for knowing what's really going on in this world. I would love to sit down and have a conversation with him about world events such as what America is really doing in Iraq (or shall I say the Middle East and Central Asia). I'm curious how he feels about the media coverage of all these missing girls, none named Shameka or Lacrecia. Any ideas of what Chappelle would say about the Michael Jackson case?

Perhaps people don't want to hear it because they watch The Dave Chappelle Show because they're trying to get away from such a serious world. Chappelle is like the safe house from the evils of the world. Maybe everyone watches The Dave Chappelle Show because they can't wait to see who he impersonates next like he did Rick James, Lil Jon and my favorite, Prince.

It could be that people do understand what he's talking about and simply don't know what to do about it or feel it's not their responsibility. That's why we elected George & Co.

I'm not criticizing his fans for not petitioning their congressional members or volunteering for Amnesty International; I'm just trying to make sense of his disappearance when he was just given eight digits worth of money just to speak his mind in any possible, uncensored way he feels like it.

Dave Chappelle with the DJ

I'm also not saying no one is getting the message. You have to understand the message to understand the punchlines. But do we understand that after the lights go out on stage and the mic is turned off that the issues he addresses welcome us back to reality in an ugly way?

As season three gets underway, hopefully, I hope Dave Chappelle also addresses his plight with being underestimated for how real his skits are. I hope he gets more controversial and brutal to get more people to listen. And I hope he can bear with his fans not taking him serious enough to fix what is in our power, providing him with plenty more issues to make fun of.

Dave Chappelle is ahead of our time. His level of awareness can be beyond our comprehension of what's really going on in the world. Why is Dave Chappelle going crazy? Because everyone is laughing, but no one is listening.


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