Paint Palette

The moment we bought the house, we knew we wanted to start painting the plain white walls.  After the first few rooms and about a dozen different cans or paint, I had a thought which might be a no-brainer to most people.  We better start documenting the colors we use in case we ever have to apply more.  With the infinite shades of every color imaginable, and so many non-color-sounding names, there would be no way to remember all the different colors we chose.  Considering the number of paints we decided not to use, those names also crowded into the memory banks, I’m not sure what took me so long to create this page.

The goal for the living room was a subtle color, something warmish, but not loud, bright or that noticeable.  So we went with Creamy Mushroom [PPU5-13] for most of it.  The wall behind the entertainment center, though, we wanted to do something different, something a bit darker.  For that wall we went with Elephant Skin [PPU18-16].

Elephant Skin
Creamy Mushroom

We went with a bright yellow, similar to the one used in the basement bathroom, this one called Honey Bird [300B-5].

Honey Bird

For the one wall where we could apply paint, we used a deep, chocolatey brown.  We’re not really big fans of it. That might explain why I never took down the name of the paint.

Similar to Najwa’s room, we chose purples for our bedroom.  The majority of the walls are a dark purple called Wine Frost [690F-6].  One wall we painted a lighter purple called Silverberry [670F-4].

Wine Frost

We let Najwa choose the color of her room, and to my surprise, she didn’t choose pink.  Instead, she wanted a purple color, so Nduku and I chose Weeping Wisteria [630A-3].  I also painted the trim in her room a pink color, but I’ll have to keep looking to figure out what color pink it was.

Weeping Wisteria

For the third bedroom, which we set up as a dressing room, we chose a bright orange color called Tibetan Orange [PPU2-14].

Tibetan Orange

The home gym originally was going to be the man cave.  The wood paneling was hideous, but replacing it with drywall was going to be cost more too much to be prioritized over everything else we have planned for the house.  So, when my homeboy Devin suggested painting it, that’s what I did.

The goal was to flesh out the man cave in white.  Everything in white.  The furniture, accent pieces, carpet [which isn’t in the plans anymore], everything.  And then paint the walls different shades of gray with one accent wall in Washington Redskins Burgundy.

The three walls of the basement are in gray.  The wall with the windows is the lightest gray called Silver Cloud [30YY 63/024].  It’s also the gray used in the hallway leading to the basement.  The medium shade of gray is called Granite Grey [00NN 37/000] and is on the shortest wall.  The largest wall is the darkest gray called Charcoal Coast [30BB 16/031].

Charcoal Coast
Granite Grey

Bill, our contractor, recommended that we paint the industrial looking stuff in the basement black to make it less industrial looking.  For it to blend in or blend away.  I liked the idea, but thought maybe we should make it more colorful.  So, with a combination of different colors, including sample paints we bought for other projects but decided not to use so I repurposed them for the basement, I just randomly painted different things different colors.

Colors used include Icy Waterfall [10BB 73/045] for the walls.  Caribbean Sea [56BG 23/355] was for the walls, but it made the basement really dark so it’s used on the chambers for the heat and a/c leading into the rest of the house. Since it was just a sample amount, I painted the other chambers Blue Ocean [550B-7].

Other colors used, mostly for pipes, wires and anything else that was a drabby color, include Fresh Praline [280C-3] and Fossil Butte [350F-6].  These were samples that were rejected for other paint jobs so might as well use them in the basement.  For the back wall by the furnace I used Bonnie Blue Eyes [10BB 66/121], the closest I could get to Tar Heel Blue.  For the natural gas line from the wall to the furnace, I chose Red Geranium [19YR 14/629].

Icy Waterfall
Blue Ocean
Caribbean Sea
Fossil Butte
Fresh Praline
Bonnie Blue Eyes

For the basement bathroom, we used Opulent [S-H-300], a really loud yellow. For the upstairs bathroom, I need to look it up and post it later.