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Redskins Ink Another Blocker Only This One Plays TE

Category: Roster Moves
Posted by: David Gaines
Hmmm. Let's see. We have Chris Cooley who isn't going anywhere. We have Fred Davis who showed last year he shouldn't be going anywhere. Todd Yoder is the better blocker of the three. And the Redskins just signed TE Sean Ryan. Considering he's only caught 26 passes in six seasons with six different teams, and the fact that he's 6-foot-5, makes me wonder if Yoder is still in the plans or if Davis or Cooley is trade bait. Surely we're not going to carry four TEs.

But Ryan did get some attention for his receiving skills last year at Kansas City, well, in the beginning.

TE Sean Ryan. OK, the pickings here are pretty slim, but after four games Ryan is leading the team in catches with 11 and he’s got two touchdown passes. He’s no Tony Gonzalez, but he’s been a far better receiver than anyone thought since he was signed more as a blocker than a catcher.

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An Indian Playing QB for the Redskins?

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Imagine that — a citizen of the Cherokee Nation playing QB for the Washington Redskins.

A superstar Native American football player says he won’t pre-emptively turn down any potential draft offers from the Redskins football team. At the same time, a group of Indian litigants is pressing harder to prevent “redskins” trademarks across the nation.

Bradford was asked Feb. 27 by a sports reporter at the NFL scouting combine whether he would have a problem being drafted to the Redskins. The team has been mired in a lawsuit since 1992 brought forth by Indian plaintiffs who’ve argued that the team’s trademark is racist. Bradford is the first Indian to win the Heisman.

When asked whether he would consider asking the Redskins not to draft him, the paper said “he laughed it off and said, ‘Uh, no.’”

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Make Room for Ma'ake Kemoeatu

Category: Roster Moves
Posted by: David Gaines
DC Sports Report is reporting that Adam Schefter is reporting that Maake Kemoeatu will be reporting for duty for the Redskins. His 2-year $7 million contract is dwarfed by Albert Haynesworth's 9-figure contract, but his huge presence at nose tackle just may help make Haynesworth's $100 million contract worth it.

Haynesworth expressed some unhappiness in a disciplined 4-3 scheme because he couldn't get at the QBs. Playing nose and expecting to take on two or three offensive linemen every single play was surely to really cause him to need to take plays off to catch his breath. With Kemoeatu plugging the middle, Haynesworth can be used at end and Brian Orakpo should garner even more sacks than in his rookie pro bowl year.

This is precisely the sort of player the Redskins need at nose tackle in their new 3-4 defense. His lack of speed isn't important because that can be provided by Haynesworth, Brian Orakpo, Andre Carter, Chris Wilson, Lorenzo Alexander and Jeremy Jarmon. The signing of Kemoeatu, provided he stays healthy, fills a gigantic hole [literally and otherwise] in the 3-4 defense. This means Haynesworth can be used at defensive end, a position he is far more suited to play in the 3-4 defense. Not only would Haynesworth's "forward-playing" aggression be wasted at nose tackle, so would his speed and quickness.

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Duluth City Proclaims March 8 as George Rogers Day

George RogersJust outside the city which gave us one national hero who has his own holiday, the city of Duluth is designating a holiday for another local hero. Atlanta's Martin Luther King, Jr. led the march to civil rights and equality for all, while former Redskins RB George Rogers earned his accolades by punishing anyone who stood between him and pay dirt.

Rogers won a Heisman Trophy, a Super Bowl ring and is a member of University of South Carolina Athletic Hall of Fame, the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, the New Orleans Saints Hall of Fame and the National Football Foundation and College Football Hall of Fame. And now he has his own holiday.

Mayor Nancy Harris and the Duluth City Council have proclaimed March 8 as George Rogers Day and are putting up signs at city entrances identifying Duluth as Rogers' hometown. During his NFL career, Rogers rushed for 7,176 yards and 54 touchdowns. He was a member of the 1988 Redskins team that won a Super Bowl.

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Blowing Smoke in FedEx Field -- Montecristo Style

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Posted by: David Gaines
Montecristo cigarsI understand why Anthony Brown decided he no longer wants to attend Redskins games, trading in his season tickets and getting back in line with the other 150,000+ phantom waiting listees such as myself, but maybe he just didn't know how to maximize his time in FedEx Field.

Of course watching the game is the featured event, but it's not the only extracurricular activity to do.

Remember, Daniel Snyder is not just an NFL team owner; he's in the entertainment business. Red Zebra? Tom Cruise? Six Flags? Johnny Rockets? Dick Clark?

When your nerves are shot from watching the Braves attempt to take the unbeaten path to the Super Bowl, you just need to light up a Montecristo in the Montecristo cigar lounge at FedEx Field.

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Randle El Calling Fair Catches in Pittsburgh Again

Looks like Antwaan Randle El got homesick and re-signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers. All this time we thought he was calling fair catch when really he was signaling for help for someone to get him out of here.

Antwaan Randle El informed the Steelers on Monday that he has accepted their three-year offer, according to a league source. Randle El was a widely popular player among fans, staff and teammates during his first stint with Pittsburgh. He was released by the Redskins last week.

Randle El was a second-round draft pick of the Steelers in 2002, and he excelled as a receiver and a return man. But he might be most well known for his 43-yard touchdown pass to Hines Ward in the Steelers’ Super Bowl XL victory. Randle El left the Steelers after the Super Bowl and joined the Redskins for the 2006 season.

In other Steelers news, they also just resigned safety Ryan Clark [former Redskin who shouldn't have been let go in the first place] which will keep him there for another four years. Clark apparently was thinking of joining the Miami Dolphins but decided to keep making plays in Pittsburgh where he earned a Super Bowl ring; meanwhile, Laron Landry is still trying to figure out why he's not a pro bowler yet.

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Who Needs LT When You Have Marcus Mason?

As the Redskins hope RB Willie Parker signs so we don't have to give up anything to get RB Darrien Sproles, the Chargers are taking precautions and signed former Redskins RB Marcus Mason. He was the little red caboose that everyone [well except Anthony Alridge] pulled for when he was here, but now it looks like he gets to fill Ladainian Tomlinson's shoes, if he makes the team.

The 5-9, 215-pound former All-America running back from Youngstown State spent the better part of his first two NFL seasons on the practice squads of the Redskins and Baltimore Ravens before getting an opportunity to play last season for the Redskins. In nine games in '09, Mason averaged just under 4.0 yards per carry, toting the ball 32 times for 127 yards. He will attempt to earn a roster spot on a team in San Diego that averaged just 3.3 yards per carry last season.

"We've followed his progress through his young career," said General Manager A.J. Smith, "and when he came available, we decided to give him an opportunity to earn a spot with the Chargers."

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Do We Even Have a Special Teams Unit Anymore?

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Posted by: David Gaines
Hunter Smith scores a TDThey're usually the littlest guys on the team, but their zero to a handful of moments in a game can decide the fate of the season. Or if nothing else. win or lose against the Cowboys and undefeated [at the time] Saints. They're the foot in football. They're the kickers. And punters. Are we still kicking it with Graham Gano and Justin Medlock? Are we still experimenting with kicking by committee? Are we still waiting for Mark Mosley to return?

More importantly, are we going to re-sign punter Hunter Smith? He's an unrestricted free agent this year and so far, there's an amnesia setting in of what happens when there isn't a reliable punter 15 yards behind the long snapper. Wait a minute! Where the hell is Ethan Albright? While we're at it, who's holding the football now that backup QB Todd Collins is gone and who's returning punts now that Antwaan Randle El took an L?

Perhaps not the most glamorous position on the team, but not having the right special teamers in place is like putting donut spares on a Hummer. And considering how many 4th downs we're going to be facing and our red zone being extended to the 30 yard line since it may be the closest we get to the end zone, procrastinating on special teams is going to be as devastating as not drafting an offensive lineman at number four.

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Let's Ask Super Bowl Champ's "Who Dat Nation" Who Redskins Should Draft

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Posted by: David Gaines
For a moment there I gave up on looking at mock drafts for some optimism of the Redskins drafting someone who can start immediately, hence not a QB. Every mock draft not only are confident the Redskins will take a QB, but justify it all by insinuating Jason Campbell sucks, in so many words. It's as if Mel Kiper and wannabes feel Jimmy Clausen or Colt McCoy can survive 60 sacks a season to become our savior. It's as if everyone watching tape on Campbell and Drew Brees didn't count how much longer Drew Brees had to find a target. Instead of counting in Mississippi's, defenses used Maine before piling on top of Campbell.

Yet, someone from the home of the Super Bowl Champion Saints — The Who Dat Nation — put up a mock draft with the Redskins selecting an offensive lineman, bucking the safe pick of QB. Maybe they [The Who Dat Nation] realize Drew Brees wouldn't've put up 70 percent completion rates if he didn't have 70 percent longer to find targets. Or maybe it's just obvious the Redskins have needed offensive linemen even before we hired Zorn for offensive coordinator, then head coach and play-caller, then just head coach, then lame duck, then distant memory.

I think the Redskins draft pick comes town to a straight choice between Okung, the leading LT in the draft, and Clausen, the leading QB after Bradford was picked. This is a great example of filling the biggest need vs picking the best player available. If they pick Clausen, they potentially have the franchise quarterback they need to start winning games again. But without Okung, whichever quarterback they start next year is going to be sacked pretty regularly. It could also be argued that with 3,618 yards and 20 touchdowns, Jason Campbell isn't a player to be given up on just yet. I think that putting a rookie quarterback behind the current line would be disastrous for Washington, and that Okung is a great pick who could replace Chris Samuels instantly. The safest and smartest route for the Redskins would be to use the fourth overall pick on Russell Okung.

Ok, I'm biased. Yeah, I'd like a shiny new franchise-potential QB too, but it's like buying a 16 year old a brand new Mercedes. You just never know if all that money is worth the risk of it getting damaged as soon as it's taken for a spin.

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Did Free Agency Really Start Already?

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Posted by: David Gaines
As soon as midnight hit on Friday, I was bracing myself for the news. No salary cap? New coach? Team in need of an extreme makeover? Of course the Redskins were going to be featured on every channel's crawlbar on the bottom of the screen! If we don't go to the games to watch a winning team, at least we'll go to see the latest toy Daniel Snyder bought.

Then Julius Peppers signed with Chicago. Then Karlos Dansby signed with Miami. Well, I felt comfortable our defense wasn't really in need of new faces even with the switch to the 3-4, relative to the needs on offense. Chad Clifton? He re-signed with the Packers. Darrien "Gary Coleman" Sproles? Please no!

So who's going to be that big splash? The headliner? Who's jersey was about to blanket the DC market like this winter's blizzards? And then as the weekend passed, it finally hit me what the biggest news out of Redskins Park was the whole time. There's a new strategy to sell tickets around here. Looks like we're going to try to put a winning team out there and win with football success instead of marketing success.

We re-signed center Casey Rabach [thank goodness] and offensive line Mike Williams [eh]. We signed a very unsexy yet tried and tested free agent guard in Artis Hicks. We were chasing Tony Pashos who's chasing the money, and Daniel Snyder is nowhere to be found.

Who are these people, and what have they done with Daniel Snyder? Free agency may be a little duller now that the Redskins are going the sensible route, but at least their few moves make sense. Their greatest need is on the offensive line, so the Redskins allowed the big-ticket Peppers/Karlos Dansby parade to pass them by and signed an offensive lineman first, the versatile Artis Hicks (they missed out on Tony Pashos, who had visited but signed with Cleveland on Sunday). Who knows how long this temperance will last, but here is something for Redskins fans to cling to: it took the Patriots’ Robert K. Kraft a few years to get the hang of ownership.

Any chance we'll draft a future pro bowl offensive lineman at number four?

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If for no Other Reason, Let's Just Hate on the Cowboys

Category: Draft Notes
Posted by: David Gaines
Trent Williams
Oklahoma OT Trent Williams
It's going to be one thing if we draft a jersey-selling QB with pick number 4, knowing his college offensive line might be just as effective as the Squirtbags, but if the Dallas Cowboys start picking all the best available offensive linemen before we get around to it, it's going to be a sad day in Redskins management history. What's the point of getting a brand name GM if the Cowboys get what we need most?

Perhaps Bruce Allen has a trick up his sleeves, we pull off trading the 4th overall pick for two later picks, one used late 1st round for a quality QB and the other in the early 2nd round for a quality lineman. Surely someone out there wants the next Mark Sanchez at number 4. Maybe we dangle the pick in front of someone for their coveted proven [and low on mileage!] offensive tackle, though that happens as much as teams trade their star QBs. Then again, there are some linemen out there who may not be mouth-watering, but won't leave a bad taste in our mouths like some of our current offensive linemen.

I really try not to toss our line under the bus, but when Jason Campbell is lying on his back and walking into press conferences with a black eye, I just don't think the issue is that he forgot to tie his shoes. Yes, if Clinton Portis was back there, have mercy on the souls of any blitzing LB who thinks Portis' blocking is overrated. Sometimes I wonder if Portis encourages Jason to audible when there's a blitz to max protect so CP can continue building his highlight reel [since he's not breaking many 20+ yard runs anymore]. Wait a minute. No audibles for professional QBs in a Jim Zorn offense. Just stand there and pray what's-his-name can block.

Listen, if we don't draft offensive linemen because we are in desperate need for them, let's at least draft them so the Cowboys don't get them.

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It Ain't Broke, But Haslett's Going To Fix It Anyway

Albert Haynesworth face down in the ground
"Yo Albert, you ok? This is the 7th time — this quarter! — you went down."
What ever happened to, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it?"

With the welcoming of Jim Haslett as the new defensive coordinator, the Redskins are preparing to dismantle one of the league's best defensive units, consistently even under new regimes, and installing a system in which we may not have to parts to run as effective. Instead of one defensive-minded mastermind adjusting to his tools, he going to find which squares fit in his little round holes.

Hey, I'm not saying the defense we have can't make the adjustment, but with the offense really just three to five offensive linemen away from being dangerous, do we really want to start musical LBs and DEs? I can't profess to be a 3-4 defense specialist, spending the last several years watching a 4-3 alignment wreak havoc to let an impotent offense waste the effort, but I do know a couple of things and they have me a bit concerned.

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'It Ain't Broke, But Haslett's Going To Fix It Anyway'

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Is Tim Tebow Really an NFL QB?

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Posted by: David Gaines
Since we're talking about drafting a QB, though QB is the least of our issues compared to offensive line, might as well take a look at another name that surfaces from time to time. Conventional thinking says it's difficult to ignore two national championships, a heisman trophy and 482 yards passing in his final game. But seriously, would owner Daniel Snyder use the 4th pick on Tim Tebow?

Welcome to the 2010 Senior Bowl, which might as well have been called "Tebowpalooza." Those packed bleachers, screaming youngsters and ogling grown women — many decked in Alabama gear, by the way — didn't make the trip to this tiny gulf coast community to catch a glimpse of Montario Hardesty, Syd'Quan Thompson or Leigh Tiffin.

"No," nodded Washington Redskins general manager Bruce Allen. "I think it might have a little something to do with No. 15."

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When 2,000 Yards Rushing Isn't Good Enough

Apparently being the RB coach and your RB rushes for over 2,000 yards isn't good enough to secure your job. Hmmm...

Byner spent the past two seasons grooming Chris Johnson, who led the NFL in rushing this past season, becoming just the sixth player to surpass the 2,000-yard mark. Now that job has been handed to 18-year coaching veteran Kennedy Pola, who spent the past five seasons coaching pro-bowler Maurice Jones-Drew in Jacksonville. This past season, Jones-Drew finished fourth in the NFL in rushing (1,391 yards), fourth in scrimmage yards (1,765) and second in total touchdowns scored (16).

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If Snyder Insisted on Drafting a QB, Who Should He Pick?

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Posted by: David Gaines
Let's just pretend for one second that owner Daniel Snyder is still calling the shots. Though we know he's finally grown up [in football management maturity, not height] and the decision of who to draft at number four belongs to Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan, let's just take a trip back down memory lane.

Who would he select? Though the DC Divas could penetrate our offensive line, something says even the reincarnations of Art Shell, Anthony Munoz, Jackie Slater, Dan Diedorf and Ron Yary wouldn't be enough to discourage Danny from choosing a QB. So, let's take a look at who Danny should pick, that is, if he was the one making the decision.

I'm not joking when I say that if I were forced to list the person on the roster who gives the Skins the best chance to win on Sundays, my list would probably start with Kyle Shanahan, the Skins new offensive coordinator.

Don't get me wrong, I like Jason Campbell. I would just like him more in another uniform. I think he'd probably prefer it that way, too.

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Favre's Interception Solidifies His Place in History, Again

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Brett favreFor a fraction of a second of a moment, I found myself pulling for the Minnesota Vikings, overwhelmed with what felt like pity for Brett Favre, his potentially last NFL pass ending aptly in an interception preventing a chip shot FG attempt that would've sent the Vikings to the Super Bowl, as long as their kicker wasn't Sean Suisham. Of course a Saints victory sent Susan Lucci to the Pro Bowl, but you just hate to see Favre's career end on such a rookie mistake. His legacy will prevent him from becoming the Scott Norwood of QBs or Jerry Smith's of TEs, but how could you not feel his pain [his ego, not his knee, shoulder and ribs] as his date with Peyton Manning evaporated right in front of, well, the world?

Luckily, he's not the only QB to toss up a lame duck. ESPN gives us the 10 Worst Passes In Playoff History which includes our very own Joe Thiesmann. Brett Favre's NFL Folly Moment can be shared with other moments of ego-smashing blunders, some of which, ironically, were also thrown by his truly.

Joe Theismann, Redskins, Super Bowl XVIII. Attempted screen pass to Joe Washington. With 12 seconds left in the first half. From their own 12-yard line. The Redskins had successfully run the same play against the Raiders in the regular season. Not this time. Jack Squirek sniffed out the play and returned it for a touchdown that put the Raiders ahead 21-3.

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Ken Harvey Visits the Devastation in Haiti has the word about former Redskins great Ken Harvey teaming up with Diageo to go to Haiti and what he had to share of his experience.

“You have to start somewhere. Even if it’s just starting with one block, and making that one block a symbol of where we're going to go and where we're going to be, then that's what they need to start with to give people hope; so they can see that even though the ground was shaking, they are going to be re-built.”

Ironically enough, Ken got back from Haiti at 5:00 AM on Wednesday morning. Just a few hours later, reports of the powerful aftershock came across the airwaves. Had the trip been delayed a day, or even a few hours, Harvey could have been there. While most people would just be grateful to have gotten out in time, the four-time Pro Bowler had a slightly different perspective.

“In one way you thank God that you weren't there. On the other hand, you look at all these people and realize that it’s their second time and wonder about the fear that must be going through their hearts and minds”, Harvey stated, adding, “When I was there, people were scared to go in their homes just because they don't know what's going to happen. I'm sure they are really frightened now.”

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"12 years and 1 Overtime later," Fletcher on his way to the Pro Bowl

Category: Pro Bowl
Posted by: David Gaines
Well, it hasn't been made official by the league, but being listed as an alternate behind someone who's not going to the Pro Bowl means you're up next. Defensive Field General London Fletcher announced via Twitter that he's finally going to the Pro Bowl!

The Saints' victory over the Vikings in the NFC Championship game means there's an opening at linebacker in the Pro Bowl, with Jonathan Vilma playing in the Super Bowl. And that means that London Fletcher, elected to the team as an alternate, will replace Vilma in the game next Sunday night in Miami.

Although it hasn't been officially announced by the NFL, Fletcher said, via Twitter: "12 years and 1 Overtime later....FINALLY Pro Bowl bound. Well worth the wait! God is great!!!"

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Could Sam Bradford be the Next Mark Sanchez?

Category: Draft Notes
Posted by: David Gaines
Sam Bradford getting sacked
If drafted at number 4, Sam Bradford better get used to lying on his back!

As we witnessed rookie [and former object of owner Daniel Snyder's affection] QB Mark Sanchez flirt with a Super Bowl berth — until Peyton Manning watched the tape on the Jets defense during halftime — the questions asked about the 5th overall pick this year are going to be about whether or not the Redskins select a QB or not. Of course every team in need of a QB with the 5th overall pick or later is saying Jimmy Clausen is better, but it seems the consensus is that if the Redskins chose a QB, it's going to be Sam Bradford.

Bradford has his pros and cons like any other QB [every player at every position actually], but will any of it matter behind an offensive offensive line? Turner Sports Desk takes a look at the prospects of why draft Sam Bradford while The Skinsaphrenic continues to plea for offensive linemen first!

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'Could Sam Bradford be the Next Mark Sanchez?'

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Did Hartley's Kick Send the Saints AND Fletcher to Miami?

Category: Pro Bowl
Posted by: David Gaines
In New Orleans kicker Garrett Hartley's first game this season, he kicked the game-winning FG in overtime against the Redskins. Tonight he kicked the game-winning FG in overtime again, this time against the Minnesota Vikings, sending the Saints to the Super Bowl for the first time ever. Surely MLB Jonathan Vilma isn't going to play in the Pro Bowl a week before the biggest game in Saints history, so does this mean London Fletcher gets to go to his first ever Pro Bowl?

And if he doesn't, perhaps he'll win the Walter Payton Man of the Year award. He's been nominated along with Cleveland Browns receiver/defensive back Mike Furrey and Kansas City Chiefs guard Brian Waters.

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Preparing for the Big Game: The Senior Bowl

Category: Draft Notes
Posted by: David Gaines
While we're preparing for the NFC and AFC Championship games to see who'll be in this year's Super Bowl, the Redskins are preparing for the Senior Bowl to see who'll be in next year's Super Bowl.

Historically, the Senior Bowl has been among the key events each offseason leading to the April draft. In addition to providing an early opportunity for coaches and player-personnel officials to evaluate college seniors, the Senior Bowl also is a great place for coaches to become reacquainted with old friends, network and share opinions about everything from all draft-eligible players to upcoming free agents.

Before owner Daniel Snyder officially hired Shanahan earlier this month, a league source familiar with Shanahan's thinking said the coach planned to draft a young quarterback and "raise him." In their early mock drafts, several draft prognosticators have linked the Redskins, who hold the fourth overall pick, with University of Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford, whose final college season was cut short because of injury.

Sunday, January 24, 2010  210 words | Viewed 7957 Times
PFW Assesses Where The Redskins Stand

The Redskins are [and perpetually always have been] one of the NFL's most talented teams on paper. But there's always been that one area or another that cancels out our strengths. If it's not QB or coach, it's defensive line or special teams. Today it's offensive line. ProFootballWeekly gives their quick assessment of the pros and cons of the Redskins moving forward.

Pros: One respondent called the Redskins "the most talent-rich" of the teams that have changed coaches. Clearly, Shanahan inherits a loaded defense. DT Albert Haynesworth can dominate. OLB Brian Orakpo was a pass-rushing standout as a rookie, and MLB London Fletcher remains among the more productive players at his position. The secondary doesn't lack for capable players, either. The Redskins' offense is behind the defense, but there's some good skill-position talent on hand.

Cons: Like the other teams on this list, there's a big question about the QB situation. Jason Campbell showed considerable toughness and threw for a career-high 3,618 yards and 20 TDs in 2009, but it's unclear whether Shanahan will commit to him for the long term. Whoever the starting quarterback is, the Redskins' offensive line needs a lot of work. And, of course, there is the matter of working for Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, who's far from patient.

Sunday, January 24, 2010  69 words | Viewed 7787 Times
Niners Predict Clausen at Number Four

Category: Draft Notes
Posted by: David Gaines
Jimmy ClausenAs soon as the Super Bowl is over, the internet is going to become saturated with mock drafts. Then again, in Niner Nation, they decided "why wait?" And who do they have the Redskins choosing at number four? Let's just say it's not an offensive lineman.

The Skinsaphrenic doesn't have any issues with drafting Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen; we just hope it's after drafting a couple of linemen!

Saturday, January 23, 2010  84 words | Viewed 7695 Times
Redskins 2010-11 Season Opponents

Category: Scheduling
Posted by: David Gaines
While four teams are still finishing up the debacle of the 2009-2010 season, we look ahead to our 2010-2011 season. And on our march to Super Bowl XLV, these are the teams which stand in our way to our fourth Vincent Lombardi Trophy:

The Usual Suspects:
Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles
New York Giants

Guests to FedEx Field:
Green Bay Packers
Minnesota Vikings
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Houston Texans
Indianapolis Colts

Hosts to our March:
Chicago Bears
Detroit Lions
St. Louis Rams
Jacksonville Jaguars
Tennessee Titans

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Taking a Look at the O's Needs

With the Offseason Super Bowl not until March 5, the day owner Daniel Snyder gets to open his manpurse and replenish the bank accounts of any football player whose jersey is marketable [hence offensive linemen need not apply], it gives us plenty of time to speculate, fantasize and play armchair general manager, now that we finally have one. Let's take a look at the offensive side of the ball...

Replace the Squirt Bags!
Our biggest need hands down is offensive line. Not an offensive lineman, but the entire offensive line. Not saying replace center Casey Rabach or guard Derrick Dockery, but they need backups, too. Mike Williams should've been listed in the game programs as offensive line backup, until he went down and his backup came in — one of the people he was backing up!

Looking around for free agents to throw money at so Snyder can spend his draft pick on a jersey-selling early 20-year-old still in bubble wrap [and maybe a shoulder wrap], the list is shorter than, well, Daniel Snyder. Chad Clifton was the man back in the day. But whenever The Skinsaphrenic caught a Packers game, the announcers always talked about how much Aaron Rodgers had to run for his life without Clifton in the lineup. Not sure if we should replace one injured tackle with another. Been there, done that, doesn't work.

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'Taking a Look at the O's Needs'

Saturday, January 23, 2010  264 words | Viewed 7998 Times
Former Redskins DoPP Mack Back in Winnipeg

Joe MackSpeaking about front office personnel moves, new GMs and shot callers, and taking a moment to recognize a past member of the Redskins — former Redskins Director of Pro Personnel [in the early 90s] Joe Mack took the reins of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers by accepting the Vice President of Football Operations position.

Mack returns to the team after helping them to the Grey Cup in 1984 before heading off to the NFL where he was Director of Pro Personnel the year the Redskins won their third Super Bowl. He left the Redskins to go to Carolina and help a franchise team post a 7-9 record in their first year and find their way to the NFC Championship game in their second season with a 12-4 record.

"I've had chances to go back to the NFL," Mack said. "But you can't believe how much it eats you up. I would go eight months without a day off... Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve. We'd be working, breaking down film sometimes from early in the morning until 12:30 at night. Think about it... when it gets to be that amount of money involved in the NFL, it just further drives the pressure. I mean, look, the Dallas Cowboys spent $1.1 billion on their stadium alone. You can just imagine what (owner) Jerry Jones is saying to those guys... he's barking in their ears. Talk about pressure."

Returning to Winnipeg brings Mack full circle, and The Skinsaphrenic wishes him better luck on his second tour of duty in Winnipeg than Joe Gibbs had in his second tour of duty with the Redskins.

Friday, January 22, 2010  73 words | Viewed 7768 Times
Not Everyone is Struggling to Find a Job in Recession's Aftermath

Unlike in years past owner Daniel Snyder isn't playing about hiring a coaching staff:

   • Offensive Coordinator: Kyle Shanahan
   • Defensive Coordinator: Jim Haslett
   • Offensive Assistant: Sean McVay
   • RBs Coach: Bobby Turner
   • Offensive Line Coach: Chris Foerster
   • Defensive Line/DBs: Jacob Burney and Bob Slowik

Friday, January 22, 2010  181 words | Viewed 8029 Times
Multimillionare Snyder Just Trying to Keep Up with Mr. Jones

Category: Stadium
Posted by: David Gaines
Redskins new scoreboard

The Redskins and Cowboys have always had a healthy rivalry, inciting much hate and grief for both teams. For we Redskins fans, beating the Cowboys is almost the equivalent of winning the Super Bowl. And K Sean Suisham's two missed FGs in the playoffs is equivalent to making the playoffs!

And as all rivalries go, it's not always contained to the gridiron. After staring in awe to the Cowboys' new Flying IMAX Scoreboard all year, owner Daniel Snyder decided he wasn't going to stand idle. Instead, he's scraping up what money is left from his failed Six Flags venture to buy himself his very own larger than life television set.

The new 30-feet-tall by 100-feet-wide "punter-proof" HD video boards are going to replace the current video displays that required binoculars at each end of the field. Also there are plans to add "all-new game clocks, play clocks and other in-stadium video displays." Now if Snyder can find some extra change from Johnny Rockets to add a retractable dome, we just may get to witness a Super Bowl in the nation's capital.

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Is It Too Early to Look to 2010?

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Posted by: David Gaines
C'mon now! We're not even halfway there! We still have 11 more games to go. With a victory Sunday we're at .500 and an upset against Philly on Monday Night Football puts us at 4-3 at the bye week and a moment to catch our breath and go on a run. Everyone knows the cliches. Just one week at a time. How can anyone possibly be looking towards 2010 already?

Cowher would be the best fit, but there will probably be a coaching vacancy that needs to be filled in Carolina, and Bill will more likely go there since he lives there now.

So who should Snyder try to get?

How about a Hog?

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If Zorn Coached in My Neighborhood Back in the Day...

When I played little league football, my dad didn't sign my brother and I for the local neighborhood team. He felt the coach was soft [can you see where I'm going with this?]. The coach was a very nice guy, he drove the bus to pick us kids up on Sundays to go to church and made sure we got back in time to watch some football. Very nice guy. But my dad was looking for a team with a coach who wanted to win more than shape us into young men. My dad knew that was his job.

So, next thing I know, I had coach Hood, coach Willie, coach Speights and coach Wally all breathing down my neck for everything! We could do nothing right! We ran laps every day for stuff we didn't even know we did. "Missed a tackle? I play offensive guard!"

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'If Zorn Coached in My Neighborhood Back in the Day...'

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The One Thing 'Skins Fans Simply Can't Stand

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Posted by: David Gaines
Being a Redskins fan is challenging these days, but do know that I rock my Redskins lapel pin to work even when we lose. For whatever reason it takes a controversy for the Redskins to get any real coverage [or Clinton Portis applying for a gig with the Ringling Bros.]. Then again that's all that's been going on at Redskins Park since Daniel Snyder took the reigns.

The media doesn't coddle us. Instead they wait to see what news is coming out of Redskisn Park to pounce on and keep the circus going. Considering the state of the o-line, how come no one is calling for us to sign Ray Brown? Isn't he a core Redskins?

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'The One Thing 'Skins Fans Simply Can't Stand'

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The Zorn-bashing Continues, and Will Continue for a While

While coach Jim Zorn's endorsers are supporting him by struggling against teams with a combined 2-17 [those two wins against the Redskins], everyone else seems to have their doubts about Zorn's chances of returning to the capital city. Then again, I'm sure Zorn's endorsers are experiencing the doubt as well.

With 11 more games to go it is technically possible for the Redskins to finish 13-3! Ok, technically we can also finish 3-13. But already he has become a lame duck and it's a challenge to follow the lead of a lame duck. It's like buying Valentine's gifts for a significant other you know you're about to leave [or get left by].

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'The Zorn-bashing Continues, and Will Continue for a While'

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They Want Zorn! They Want Zorn!

Is there anything greater than seeing a bunch of grown men bonding together for a common cause? Other than bringing home another Lombardi Trophy? The Redskins, regardless of what they may personally feel, are speaking as one voice [publicly at least] in expressing their desire for the front office to give coach Jim Zorn a vote of confidence.

"I wish someone upstairs would just say he's going to be our coach for the season," one of the unnamed players told the newspaper. "That way, we don't have to answer any more questions about it and everybody knows we're in this boat together."

Now call me naive, but I've always felt the easiest way to ensure your coach will be returning the next year is by rewarding him with victories and playoff appearances. Instead of going to the media clamoring for Daniel Snyder to say Zorn will be back, watch more tape and figure out who missed their block on the safety against Carolina [see Mike Sellers and Stephon Heyer] or who forgot to bring in some offensive line help every single season [see Vinny Cerrato].

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'They Want Zorn! They Want Zorn!'

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Even The Hogettes are Fighting For Their Identity!

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Posted by: David Gaines
At a time when Redskins fans are lying low, there are a handful out there bickering over who is a real fan. Tot just any fan, though, but a Hogette. You know, the snout and dress wearing men decked out in burgundy and gold, residing in the Pigpen during games since the 80s.

Sure, the guy’s rubber snout and his ladies garb, to the untrained eye, make Stephette Hogette look exactly like the authentic Hogettes, who’ve been dressing in drag since 1983 but won’t give up their gimmick all these years after it outlived its cuteness. But don’t be fooled: Not just anybody can align themselves with these douchebags.

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'Even The Hogettes are Fighting For Their Identity!'

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Redskins Cheerleader Says Flu Shot Triggered Rare Disorder

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At 26 years old, Desiree Jennings was the picture of health. She's a Washington Redskins cheerleader and an avid runner. Her life changed forever on August 23 when she says she got a seasonal flu shot at a local grocery store.

"I was training for a half marathon then," said Jennings, crying. "It just all went so fast."

Ten days after receiving the shot, she came down with the flu. After that, her health spiraled downwards. She started passing out and had to be hospitalized twice.