Fitness Room Inventory

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Since the lady of the house is into fitness, I once bought her an elliptical machine, thinking that’s what fitness people want.  Then a ton of band thingies.  Apparently, she’s a bit more advanced than that, so for Christmas in 2015, I got her an Olympic-sized weight bench.  For months, though, it sat in the basement since I didn’t get the bar and weight plates, until for Mother’s Day 2016, I got her an Olympic 45 pound bar with 100 pounds of weight plates.

Over the next year, I would more pieces of equipment, especially as I started to get into pushing weight myself, taking it seriously for the first time.  Ever.  Next was a squat rack, since the lady does lots of squats.  Then a spin bike, as we got rid of the elliptical.  Then another bench, standard size this time, and lat machine, and well, here’s the entire inventory of our fitness room.

When investing in your personal fitness it is wise to not ignore any facet of your workout routine. With the Marcy Diamond Olympic Surge Bench you will no longer have to leave the development of under-worked muscle groups to chance. Utilizing the four back pad positions allows you to pinpoint your pectoral workout while the adjustable arm curl support pad and arm curl bar make total arm exercises simple and effective. The seat and back pad operate on a slide track that place you in the exact positions to execute proper military and chest press exercises to keep you safe and increase the benefit of the workout. The contoured roller pads and dual-function leg developer make sure your legs are kept in the mix as well. One of the unique features of this bench is the inclusion of two bar catches on the rear of the frame which gives you the space and freedom to perform squats (an activity commonly relegated to large fitness centers now in your own workout room). The Olympic Surge Bench comes with easy to follow assembly instructions that will have you enjoying the advantages of this fitness system in no time. The durable steel structure and accommodating design give you everything you need to achieve a full body workout. Marcy Diamond Olympic Surge Bench dimensions 80” L x 47.5” W x 60” H. 2”and 2.75” 14 gauge square steel tubing. High density foam and accentuated vinyl upholstery. Contoured foam roller pads and adjustable curl pad.

  • Steel, Foam, Vinyl
  • Imported
  • Olympic bench for working chest, shoulders, biceps, legs, and more
  • Adjustable seat and back pad with slide track for proper posture
  • Adjustable preacher curl pad and bar; reverse walk-in squat station
  • Dual-function leg developer with pivot point and locking mechanism

Satisfy all of your weight bench needs with the comfortably-designed standard sized MWB-20100. Through a wide variety of handy features, this bench makes executing an exceptional full body work out in the comfort of your own home easier than ever. With the inclusion of proper padding and high density upholstery, the MWB-20100 provides the necessary comfort to keep you training as long as you need to. This classic weight bench design which accepts a 5 foot weight bar is perfect for both beginners and experts, and the highly-durable structure gives the more experienced all the support they need and then some. Once you’re done, just fold up the bench, store it and get pumped up for your next workout.

  • FULL BODY WORKOUT – The Marcy Folding Standard Weight Bench offers a full body workout so you can get a balanced physique.
  • ADJUSTABLE SEAT –Seat and back pads can be readjusted into different positions and you can arrange the bench into an incline position, decline position, or flat position.
  • FOLDABLE DESIGN – The bench of this exercise utility is foldable, so when not in use, you can fold it for easy storage and portability between muscle training saving you space.
  • COMFORTABLE PADS – This device has high density upholstery for an enjoyable strength training experience, so you can push yourself as long and as hard as you can while minimizing fatigue and physical exertion.
  • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION – Made of durable steel frame
  • 6-POSITION ADJUSTABLE BACK PAD – This utility bench has an adjustable back that can be altered to suit your workout routine. It features a secure sawtooth back pad adjustment design that can be modified to an incline, flat, or decline position.
  • TOTAL LEG DEVELOPER – You get to train not only your upper body, but also your lower limbs thanks to this ergonomic bench’s dual position leg developer.
  • HIGH-DENSITY FOAM PADDING– This bench’s top-grade foam paddingallows users to exercise comfortably on the equipment.
  • Durable Construction – The Marcy Utility Bench’s powder-coated steel frame provides great resiliency, with a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.
  • COMFORTABLE FOAM ROLLERS–The foam roller pads have a vinyl covering and a hardwearing, powder-coated finish. This sleek black bench also has a convenient transport handle and wheels.

This multi-purpose utility flat bench allows you to perform a variety of exercises within a compact space. Increasing strength, toning your body and flattening your abs are a few fitness goals this bench will help you achieve.

Add free weights or exercise bands to your workout routine and burn fat while targeting most major muscle groups.

This bench features high density foam and boxed upholstery to firmly support the body. The 1.25 x 2.25 inch rectangular 14 gauge tubing with a durable powder coat finish will last for years to come and keep up with your active lifestyle. The maximum weight capacity for this bench is 300 lbs., which includes the weight of the user.

Weight Plates

The goal was to get all the weight plates from the same company.  The ideal weight plates were rubber-coated and had grips.

This is a strong multipurpose squat rack. It has built in safety stands for benching, fixed bar catches, and plenty of adjustments. A complete workout center at a very affordable price. The safety has 11 adjustments from about 19″ to 29″. Best of all it can be adjusted in 1″ increments. Ideal for performing flat, incline, and decline bench presses, squats, curls, upright rows, shoulder shrugs, crossfit workouts, and more. The bar supports are fully adjustable–from 40 to 72 inches–giving you plenty of height options depending on the exercise. In addition, the 2-by-2-inch, heavy-gauge steel frame offers an extra-wide and deep base for maximum stability. The side supports are all welded for strength. Please anchor racks by placing weight on the storage pegs in back. An ideal accessory for casual and serious weightlifters. Has weight holder bars in back for storage and stability. Please note the rack weighs 76 lbs., the shipping weight listed below is used for realistic shipping charge calculations. Rack now comes in matte black color. Please know that due to the large size and weight and the one piece welded structure, there will be cosmetic scratches on the metal from shipping. 10 Yr. frame warranty, 90 days on all other parts. This is our original design. Any copy of this product will be vigorously defended.

  • HD squat rack with built in bench safety stands, multiple bar catches. Capacity 600 lbs.
  • Ideal for flat, incline, and decline bench presses, squats, curls, rows, and more
  • Bar supports adjust from 40″ to 72″, 17 adjustments. Fixed catches at 32″, 36″
  • Bench safety stands adjust 19″ to 29″, 11 adjustments 1″ apart. Weight storage adds to stability
  • Click picture to zoom in. Patent Pending original design.
  • 10 Yr. frame warranty

This is a great machine to work your quadriceps and glutes. Very simple but highly effective. You can use just your body weight or add weight plates for more advanced training. This sissy squat is built solid with thick adjustable padding.

  • 4″ x 2″ steel construction
  • Large deluxe rear padding 17″ w x 10″ h
  • Adjustable front foot holder & rear padding
  • 16″ w x 43″ l x 24″ h.
  • The original and best sissy Squat M/C

CB-12 Features: Small but packs a powerful punch. Exercises include:, Tricep Pull Down, Lat Pull Down, Seated Row and Upright Row, Standing Arm Curls, Standing Leg Extensions, Ab Crunches. On the back end of the unit you have plate storage pegs keeping the plates off the floor and in an easy to find location. Plate loading carriage can hold up to 250lbs. Just be careful when returning the carriage to the starting position. High density, contoured, dual-layer seat pad. High density, tapered, dual-layer seat pad. 4 adjustment positions for seat pad: +/- 5-Inch range. 4 rubber base caps measuring 3.25-Inch x 2.75-Inch. Neoprene Ab Crunch Harness with Soft Handles. Front Lower Cable Attachment for Leg Extensions or Stand Up Curls or Pulls. Adjustable front foot plate for seated rows, stand up rows or curls. Lat pull down with storage hooks. Two accessory chains for accessory attachment. High tension nylon pulley’s for long lasting performance.

  • Upright cycling that you can use in the comfort of your own home
  • LCD display shows distance, calories burned, time, speed and pulse
  • Adjustable seat, handlebars and resistance
  • Improve cardio, burn fat and gain strength
  • Use with or without dumbbells for ripped abs and a strong back
  • Thickly padded bench with durable stitched vinyl upholstery
  • Non-slip footrest
  • Adjustable footrest and backrest, to accommodate height
  • Folds for easy storage
  • VERSATILE WORKOUT EQUIPMENT – The intensity of your workout depends mainly on the air resistance the machine provides, hence, the intensity of your workout changes according to how light or hard you row. This feature allows you to alter the level of resistance you work with according to your capacity. You work at your own pace and it prevents you from over-exerting yourself. Assembled dimensions: 77 L x 18 W x 22 H inches; Folded: 48 L x 18 W x 28 H inches / Weight: 54 pounds.
  • DESIGNED FOR COMFORTABLE USE – Stamina packed its rowing machine with features that will make fitness routines less strenuous and more comfortable. It is equipped with a sliding, padded and upholstered seat to support your bottom and back, large strapping footplates that are suitable for users of different sizes to keep your feet from slipping off as your row and textured handles for better grip.
  • EQUIPPED WITH MONITORING DEVICE – To keep you further motivated and aim for improvement, this exercise equipment has a display monitor that shows your speed, distance, time, and calories burned. With this apparatus, you will be able to track your progress and modify your current routine appropriately.
  • PORTABLE AND COMPACT – This fitness machine is equipped with built-in wheels and a foldable frame for easy transport and storing. You also need not worry about accidents while working out as it also has floor protectors to keep the equipment from sliding as well as to protect your floor from scratches and other damages.