Capital Crescent Trail

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The Capital Crescent Trail is complete for seven miles from Georgetown to Bethesda. This section features a 10-foot wide asphalt path and wherever possible an adjacent 2-foot wide stone-dust trail for joggers.

The Trail is a temporary crushed stone trail (called the Interim CCT, and also called the Georgetown Branch Trail) for three miles from Bethesda to Lyttonsville.

From there the Georgetown Branch Trail continues as a two mile long on-road bike route into downtown Silver Spring. There are plans to rebuild the trail as a hard surface trail alongside the proposed Purple Line light rail continuous between Bethesda and downtown Silver Spring, where it will connect to the Metropolitan Branch Trail.

Learn more about the trail by clicking here.

Capital Crescent Bike Trail Elevation Map

Capital Crescent Bike Trail Elevation Map

Entry Points Near Metro Station

The Trail can be accessed at three points by Metrorail. Bikes are allowed on all Metrorail cars on weekends and during non-rush hour weekday periods, except during special events. Visit Bikes on Metro for guidelines for bringing bikes on Metrorail.

Silver Spring Station

The Georgetown Branch (Interim) Trail begins directly across Colesville Road from the exit from the Silver Spring Station. This Metro station is convenient if you are not deterred by the approx. 2 miles of on-road Georgetown Branch Trail route to the beginning of the off-road trail in West Silver Spring.

Bethesda Station

Exit the Bethesda Station at the rear and go South (left) on Woodmont Ave. The CCT is only four blocks south on Woodmont, at Bethesda Avenue.

Bethesda Metro to CCT Entry Point
Rosslyn Station

Although the Rosslyn Station is in Virginia, it is only approx. 1/2 mile across the Key Bridge to the CCT. Take Lynn Street north from the station to Key Bridge. Lynn Street is busy and one-way northbound, so you may wish to use the sidewalk for the several blocks to Key Bridge. Use the bike path on the east (right) side of Key Bridge, then turn right at the Md. end of the bridge and follow the path down to the C&O Canal towpath and then down the staircase to Water Street. The CCT begins at the end of Water Street, to the right.

Rosslyn Metro to Capital Crescent Trail

From Bethesda Metro station to Georgetown Waterfront Park, near the end of the Capital Crescent Trail in Georgetown, is just under 8 miles long and mostly a paved downhill ride that should take roughly half an hour to complete.

Water, Food, Restrooms

Water is available on the CCT at various places:

  • A water fountain in Rock Creek Park at Ray’s Meadow – 100′ south of where the trestle bypass of the Georgetown Branch (Interim) Trail turns off of the Rock Creek Hiker/Biker Trail toward Freyman Drive.
  • A water fountain at the rest stop at the Bethesda trailhead just below Bethesda Ave. near mile 3.5.
  • A water fountain at the rest stop at mile 6.5 which is about ¼ mile north of the D.C. line.
  • At Fletcher’s Cove at about mile 8.0 (although at Fletcher’s you will have to leave the trail and go to the rest rooms or to the picnic area to find a fountain).
  • A water fountain is located at Jack’s boathouse just past the end of the trail in Georgetown.

Bike Repair

Shortly after entering the Capital Crescent Trail from Bethesda, heading south towards Georgetown, there’s a bike repair station.