Making Homemade Cotton Candy

Making cotton candy

Nduku ordered Najwa a Cotton Candy Maker, and I just had a hard time believing all you needed was sugar.  Najwa and grabbed a recipe off the internet, went to the store to get the granulated sugar, as well as some other items such as corn syrup, food coloring and stuff like that.  Then we got home, broke open the box, read the instructions More...

by David Gaines | Published 7 months ago
By David Gaines On Saturday, October 29th, 2016

Creating 3D Structures with Gel, Mold and Oven with LED Lights

Nduku got Najwa this cool gift today.  A 3D Creation Maker.  It’s this, ummm, thing, where you pour this, ummm, stuff, into a mold, toss it in this, ummm, oven, and out comes a 3D, ummm, thingy. Whatever More...

By David Gaines On Sunday, March 27th, 2016

Najwa Mining For Crystals

WHen we went to Engineering Family Day last month, she met with some metallurgists who talked about how mining minerals. She even got to make her own toothpaste. And then I saw this Crystal Mining Kit. This educational More...