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I am David GainesI’m a transplant from Fayetteville, North Carolina, who moved to Washington, DC, in September 2004; I live in Kingman Park [for now] but have also lived in Capitol Hill, SW Waterfront, Carver/Langston, Woodridge, Stadium-Armory and Mt. Vernon Square; I blog about just about anything that accidentally enters my mind, specifically the stuff I think I have an opinion about; I like posting about my two ladies, proud of both my Kenyan soul mate, Nduku Malombe, and our daughter, Najwa Gaines, who I insisted be born in Washington, DC, at Sibley Hospital; and I’m really, really, really hoping DC government gets the school system straight before my little one starts school!

This blog was created a very, very, very long time ago, even before it was called blogging, and I still have no idea what my blog is about. I used to manage several blogs, but I’m finally consolidating them all into this one. There’s Skinsaphrenia!; and IamDCDG; and Bookworm; and IamChef; and Passport; and Washington DC, Illustrated; and a few on recruiting and employment; and one here and there about who-knows-what. Keeping up with that many drove me insane, but hopefully the new layout doesn’t impose the different topics on what you’re looking for.

I blog for the shear fun of it. Sometimes whatever I post is thought-provoking, controversial and informational. Other times it’s because I have nothing else to do at work. Then there are those times when I’ll post something, read it a few days later and wonder who laced my drink after writing such gibberish.

I’m a die-hard Redskins fan and avid local professional team sports fan. The UNC Tar Heels are my college hoops squad though; you have to be from North Carolina to understand that.

I was editor in chief at North Carolina A&T for two years and let that get into my head that I can write. After realizing journalists on average don’t make great money, I accidentally found myself in IT recruiting. And I love it.

I’m a great admirer of any human being who puts his/her energy into making the world a better place. Che Guevara, Dedan Kimathi, Gandhi Mahatma, Sérgio Vieira de Mello, Thomas Sankara, Martin Luther King Jr., my mother and countless others.

And I also admire those bloggers who put mine to shame, those DC bloggers whose passion for this great city is apparent in the way they write, the stuff they write about, the time and energy they put into blogging about everything DC where there’s a black hole in the local media.

I ask anyone who actually read this far to follow my on Twitter, subscribe to the RSS feed, send me an email or leave a comment to say what’s up and become a voice in your community be it at an ANC meeting, commenting on media articles online, or my favorite — blog about it.

David Gaines

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