Published On: Fri, Jul 21st, 2017

Weekend Trip to Virginia Beach

Learning our lesson of going to the beach on three day holidays, with the other hundreds of thousands of people, we took a mid-summer trip to Virginia Beach to get in Nduku’s craving for sun and sand.  We stayed a couple of streets from the beach at The Blue Marlin.  Not recommended.  But just a two minute walk and prices cheap enough to stay for several nights with extra money left over for other stuff.  Good thing since we were directly across the street from an iFly and Najwa immediately started saying she wanted to go.

Until then, we headed out to the beach.

Virginia Beach
Virginia Beach

The sand was baking hot and Najwa had on open toe sandals.  I warned her.  Didn’t take her long before she needed a lift to the shore.

Virginia Beach
Virginia Beach

It was hot, but maybe it was the breeze, or the freezing cold water, I didn’t seem to be too bothered by it.  I put some sun screen on my head to keep it from peeling, but that was about it.  Of course, I usually don’t care to get in the water, so no need to take off my shirt, but Najwa is getting older, venturing a bit further out into the water, so I went topless.

And the tiny percentage of Caucasian blood from my great grandfather Lester kicked in, giving me sunburn for the first time that I can remember, turning me red, itchy, and determined to cover myself in sunscreen next time.

Virginia Beach

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