Published On: Fri, Jul 21st, 2017

Virginia Beach’s Mini Amusement Park

In the distance we saw the Ferris Wheel, which means amusement park.  So, we hiked the blocks down from the hotel to check it out.  It’s not a really big park, but does have your common rides.  Gravitron, the big pendulum swinging pirate boat, kiddie rides and so on.

One of the rides, the Flying Bobs, is one I remember when I was a kid.  You sit in this car that goes in a circle so fast, you feel like you’re going to fly out.  No seat belt.  No brakes.  And if it’s your first time riding it, no idea what you got yourself into.  I was maybe Najwa’s age my first time riding it with my mom.  I was terrified.  So when Nduku and Najwa hopped in, their first time, I couldn’t help but to smirk.  Shame on me, I know.

Flying Bobs at Virginia Beach amusement park
Flying Bobs at Virginia Beach amusement park

Seriously, shame on me for not warning them.  But Najwa’s insistence on riding it would’ve been enough for her to not heed my warnings.  And I couldn’t let Nduku miss out on the experience.  How else would anyone know what it’s like unless they experience it for themselves.  I had a feeling Najwa was going to be terrified once the thing got to top speed.

I wasn’t wrong.

The look on her face as she spun around was kind of funny, though I had a tinge of guilt.  Both their faces.  If Najwa wasn’t so in need of moral support, I think Nduku would’ve been more terrified.  And just when the thing came to a stop, it started back up again.  In reverse.  At one point, Najwa’s eyes were slammed shut, her head leaning against Nduku; I thought she passed out!

But, it’s a short ride, though I’m sure they thought it would never end.  The looks on their faces when they got off was part relief and part fury when they realized I knew what they were about to feel.  They both swore to never ride it again.

Eventually we made out way to the Ferris Wheel.  The view of Virginia Beach from up there is amazing.  The water.  The hotels lining the shore.  The cool breeze that high up.  We love Ferris Wheels.

Ferris Wheel at Virginia Beach
Virginia Beach

There’s no admission fee to the amusement park.  You buy tickets and each ride costs a few tickets.  We didn’t get many.  With only a handful left, there was enough for a kiddie ride.  Three tickets.  So, Najwa chose a ride on a boat going in circles on the water.  After the Flying Bobs, I’m sure she was a bit bored out her mind.

Najwa at Virginia Beach amusement park

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