Published On: Sat, Jun 17th, 2017

The Egg Cases Have Hatched My Mini Army Of Pest Destroyers

One day I was telling the lady of the house how much I love the convenience of Amazon.  You can find virtually anything; they deliver to your door in no time; and the reviews, albeit bias and sometimes exaggerated, really help get an idea of what to expect.  Price shopping is easier, even when comparing to all the other options out there.  Why haul a 12-roll package of paper towels around the store when they’ll drop off a 48-roll box to your porch for less money per roll?

But then she made a very insightful comment.  Amazon also makes it easier for you to buy stuff you didn’t know you wanted, albeit needed.  Overall, you spend more money.  And she’s right.  I’ve spent more money on stuff than I would’ve without an internet connection.  Fortunately, I don’t feel guilty about it.

Recently, my latest splurge was bugs.  Imagine that.  You can even buy bugs on Amazon!

Part of the purchase was for pest control.  Another was that uncontrollable desire to buy stuff when you have nothing to do in the middle of the night.  But mostly, my fascination with the hideous yet magically creature called the praying mantis.

For a mere $35 you get five egg cases.  Each case hatches up to 200 mantids.  I didn’t even know baby praying mantises were called mantids.  It takes approximately 10 seconds each to hang on some branches of some plants, and you just wait.  I did this last year as well, but I think I hung the egg cases too soon, before the winter freeze was over.  Or maybe the birds ate them all up since I only saw a handful afterwards.

This year, though, after a few weeks, I’ve already counted about a dozen, even though they’re so small, you really have to look for them to find any at all.  I give it a few more weeks for the rest to make their presence know, gain some body mass, and start slaughtering all the pests around the house.  Our very own Team Six of Pest Warriors.

Praying Mantis Mantid
Praying Mantis Mantid
Praying Mantis Mantid
Praying Mantis Mantid
Praying Mantis Mantid
Praying Mantis Mantid

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