Published On: Sat, Jun 10th, 2017

Reptiles, Books and Just Playing Around at the New Woodridge Library

Najwa and I took a trip down the road to check out the new Woodridge Library.  I had planned on coming here eventually, but with live reptiles for the kids, this made for the perfect reason.

Reptiles Alive at Woodridge Library in Washington DC
Reptiles Alive at Woodridge Library in Washington DC
Reptiles Alive at Woodridge Library in Washington DC

I did misjudge the show.  When seeing that the event was from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm, I was thinking more of petting zoo, or animals in cages.  But it’s an event company called Reptiles Alive, and I wish we caught more than the tail end of the show.

Colorful exotic live animals presented by fun and friendly wildlife educators make Reptiles Alive LLC your first choice for family entertainment. Since 1996, each year our shows delight audiences at thousands of events including the Smithsonian, the National Park Service, and at schools, libraries, parks, birthday parties and many other clients. Book your show today and discover why Reptiles Alive LLC is the best choice for a wildly exciting event.

At least we saw a few reptiles, and we were in a really cool library.  We took a quick tour, heading upstairs to the terrace with its green roof and places to chill.

Woodridge Library in Washington DC
Woodridge Library in Washington DC

Najwa did the best she could to pretend like she was interested in the architecture of the recently rebuilt library, but then made it obvious that the kid’s section was downstairs.  So, down we went.  They have computer set up and Najwa got excited at first when she saw someone else playing Roblox, some interactive online game she plays a lot.  But she can do that at home.  We were in a library so I tortured her by heading to where the kids books were, away from the devices.

But to my surprise, Najwa got excited when she saw an entire shelf full of Junie B. Jones books.  She got introduced to them at school, and I’m definitely glad about that.  Najwa has a high reading level, but didn’t show much interest in reading for the fun of it.  But these books, for whatever reason, captivates her.  She takes her time, reads from cover to cover, and if it reduces her screen time, I’m all for it.

Woodridge Library in Washington DC
Najwa found a quiet spot and actually started reading a book in the library. I wasn’t expecting that.

But, with the other kids running around, Najwa got distracted.  No worries; told her she can check the book out and read it later.  In the meantime, she just wanted to practice her cartwheels.

Impressive library.  We’ll be back.

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