Published On: Thu, May 4th, 2017

Field Trip Back to National Air & Space Museum

Of all the museums of the Smithsonian, the National Air & Space Museum seems to be the most popular.  Maybe it’s the wide open area for the kids to run around in, or the How Things Fly exhibit built for the kids, but DC Prep likes to make this an annual field trip.  And as usual, I tagged along as a chaperone, doing everything I could to keep my wit with a much more energetic group of kids than when they were in Pre-K.

There are times when these kids will drive a grown man mad.  There are times when we get an urge to treat them as our own, from a discipline point of view.  And there are times when we wonder why we go on these trips!

But at the end, the kids are great, I love them all, and can’t wait until they get older and look back at these times and cherish these moments at DC Prep.

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