Published On: Sun, Apr 23rd, 2017

More Coral Bells, Finally

When I first started building the, well, I’m not sure what to call it.  It’s a retainer wall, or a raised planting area; whatever you call some years ago.  It’s a small, delicate-looking plant, in a very shaded area of the yard.  But over the past several years, it has survived with no direct sunlight, snow storms and extreme heat.  And this plant doesn’t die in the winter.  It gets buried in ice but emerges as if nothing happened.

There were some other perennials planted there at the same time, but they died out a long time ago.   At one point I planted some bulbs of some flower, but nothing ever sprouted.  And I left it bare for quite some time, not necessarily because I was hoping the perennials or bulbs would show themselves, but because the type of Coral Bell planted there, Carnival Series, I couldn’t find anywhere but the one Home Depot I don’t like going to.  I kept waiting for the Lowe’s around the corner or the Home Depot closer to the house had them, but they always carried a different type of Coral Bells.

Tired of looking at the empty space, I finally made a trip to the Home Depot where I got the original Coral Bells.  Problem: they didn’t have any in stock!   Well, not the exact same ones.  At least the tag didn’t say Carnival Series on it.  No worries.  I improvised.  The Carnival Rose Granita looks close enough.

But, there were exactly three when I needed more than that to fill the area!  Since I didn’t want to make another trip, I grabbed another type of Coral Bells, Palace Purple, to fill in the spaces.  Now I’m hoping the new plants will be as hardy as the original so I don’t have to make another trip out to Hyattsville.

Coral Bells
The original Coral Bells
Coral Bells
Coral Bells
Coral Bells

The Palace Purple Coral Bells were the miniature ones that come as a six pack.  Maybe because I didn’t want to make another trip if I didn’t get enough, I bought three six packs.  In my mind each six pack could go between each of the larger plants.  But, only two of each six pack would fit, so I had a bunch left over when I filled out the space.

So, I planted four in the same planter with the Magnolia tree, four more in the backyard near the honeysuckle vines and two in a big pot on the front porch, where there’s no direct sunlight and not many plants like to live.

Coral Bells
Coral Bells under the Magnolia tree
Coral Bells under the Magnolia tree
Coral Bells
Coral Bells
Coral Bells
Coral Bells
Coral Bells on the front porch

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