Published On: Mon, Apr 10th, 2017

Marigolds Finally Planted in the Planter Boxes

A few years ago I read that mosquitoes don’t like Marigolds.  So, naturally when one doesn’t like mosquitoes, I built a force field of Marigolds on the back deck.  This year I was about to change it up, though, and go for perennials, something that didn’t need to be planted each year.  But then the lady reminded me of why I chose Marigolds in the first place.  Didn’t take much convincing.

Now, the question is does it really work.  I can’t say with scientific fact that the Marigolds repel mosquitoes.  But I will say, sitting on the back deck, I do get significantly fewer mosquito bites, many evenings and night none at all.  And if it’s not broke, no need to fix it.

African Marigold
African Marigold

There are 50+ different species of Marigolds.  I have no idea which species I’ve planted in the past, but this year I was paying attention.  Usually I just grab whatever is on the shelf, but at Lowe’s this weekend, there were two different species.  So, I got six of each.  The African Marigolds [above] are new to me. I didn’t even think they were Marigolds at first.  But they’re cool looking.  And African.


You can see the difference between the African Marigolds and the French Marigolds, the other species I got.  The French version looks very similar to what I’ve gotten in the past.


I mixed them up in the planters.  In two of them, there’s two African and one French.  The other two planters have two French and one African.  They’re not much different except one aspect.  The African Marigolds have significant height potential relative to the French Marigolds.  I’m not sure how it’ll look as the plants start to really grow, as long as they keep the mosquitoes away.


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