Published On: Sat, Apr 22nd, 2017

Making Homemade Cotton Candy

Nduku ordered Najwa a Cotton Candy Maker, and I just had a hard time believing all you needed was sugar.  Najwa and grabbed a recipe off the internet, went to the store to get the granulated sugar, as well as some other items such as corn syrup, food coloring and stuff like that.  Then we got home, broke open the box, read the instructions and it said, just pour sugar in the middle of the machine.

And it worked.

I would’ve recorded a longer video, but Najwa kept sticking her hand in the machine and I was overreacting, waiting for her hands to turn to little specks of flesh, crystallized and wrapped around the cotton candy stick.

It came with those traditional paper cotton candy holders, as well as this light-blinking plastic stick.  For some reason, I just couldn’t wrap my mind around how easy it seemed to just pour some sugar in it, spin the stick around in the cavity of the machine and cotton candy would appear out of nowhere, sticking to the stick, and be ready to eat.

But that’s about it.  Almost too simple.  The biggest challenge was to get Najwa to stop eating so much sugar!

Making cotton candy
Making cotton candy
Making cotton candy

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