Published On: Sun, Mar 12th, 2017

Using Ice Cubes to Water the Panama Orange (Calamondin) Tree

Last March I ordered a different kind of plant than the typical flowering bush.  Though we get some brutally cold winter temperatures, I ordered a tropical plant — Panama Orange Tree (Calamondin). For climates such as ours in the Mid-Atlantic, you have to bring the plant indoors once the temperatures begin to get into the sub-40s. Which I did, but remembering to water it was more challenging than I thought.

During the summer, I’d spend some time when I got home from work watering all the outdoor plants. So, it was normal to water the plant regularly. In the winter, since I wasn’t regularly watering any of the plants, I tended to forget about this one.

But then I read something about putting ice cubes in the pot. Just let them sit there, slowly melting and slowing watering the plant.

Panama Orange Tree - Calamondin
Panama Orange Tree - Calamondin
Panama Orange Tree - Calamondin

But then a funny thing happened.  I checked on it before going to bed, glad to see a solution to my forgetfulness about watering the plant.  But, then I realized that I forgot that ice melts pretty quickly at room temperature.  There was no ice by the end of the night.  So, what’s the point?  I mean, instead of a bunch of ice cubes, I could’ve just poured a gallon of water and wouldn’t that be the same?  I still have to remember to water the plant in a few days.

Regardless, winter is slowly churning to an end and soon I’ll put the plant back outside and get into my routine of watering the plants.

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