Published On: Sat, Mar 4th, 2017

Recommitting To Last Year’s Accident Goal of Getting In Shape

Last year I had an epiphany.  Nothing serious, nothing I didn’t already know, but something finally clicked.  It’s a simple concept — when you exercise, you lose weight.

I started the year around 175 pounds. It might not sound like much, but a lot of it was love handles [still is]. My heaviest was 175.7 pounds on April 11, 2016. I had never carried so much weight around, and it happens so slowly, so surreptitiously, that you never know it’s there wearing on you until you step on a scale and wonder how did that happen.

A month later I started buying a bunch of exercise equipment for Nduku. I started with an Olympic-size bench, bar and weights. Then added a bunch of stuff just because Amazon makes it so easy to buy stuff. There’s no way I’m going to the store to buy a pair of 45 pound weight plates when the mailman can drop it off on our porch. I still feel bad for him. Considering I also bought a couple 45 pound bars, a squat rack, cable lat machine and more stuff that all weighed more than what I could lift if I bought them in a store.

Anyway, so, I started lifting. On accident. Sort of.

We have a Withings weight scale that tracks all our measurements on our phones and online. I used to never step on it, at least not with any concern about my weight, but after I started pushing weight, something started to happen. I wanted the numbers to go down. And, down they went.

By June 14 I was down to 166.9 pounds. I guess I should’ve been happy with losing nearly 10 pounds in a month, but 166.9 is still above my normal weight of 165. I wanted more fat shed. So I lifted more.

It wasn’t until Sept. 2 that I did something I hadn’t done in years. And I mean a decade or so. I weighed less than 160 pounds. Albeit I weighed in at 159.9, but it was a milestone for me. I can’t say I felt that much lighter, walked with any pep, or noticed any difference when looking in the mirror, but the psychological rush was real.

By the end of the year, just before leaving for Kenya, I weighed 157.2 pounds on Dec. 15. I was thinking I could get lighter, but I guess it was just as I read it would happen. The first month or two is mostly water weight loss, when you’ll drop the most weight. And then the pounds come off a lot slower. Still, I went from 175 at the beginning of the year to 157 to cap the year off.

Now, I confess, those two weeks in Kenya got me way out of habit. And in the basement with all the exercise equipment, it’s freezing down there, discouraging me from going to the home gym. Already in 2017 I’ve gained a lot of that weight back, but I guess that’s why I’m sharing this post. Words manifest, so sharing this in itself will motivate me to get focused and keep it moving.

Over the past several months I bought some new shirts. Purposely, they’re one size smaller than what I normally get. When I wear them now, I feel like I’m a B-cup, but it’s okay since it’s still the winter so I can just keep my coat on. The goal, though, is to push weight, lose weight, build some muscle [finally] and maybe I can start wearing those shirts that feel like a straight jacket and feel comfortable in them for once.

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