Published On: Mon, Mar 6th, 2017

Persian Lilac Making a Comeback

It was nearly a year ago that I planted the Persian Lilac on the side of the house in the potter that every plant before it had died in.  At one point I pruned it pretty extensively, and it seemed to recover a bit, but it didn’t take long before it started to wither.  So, in one last attempt to salvage the plant, I transplanted it to a 20-inch pot on the back deck where there’s plenty of sunlight.

For the most part, it survived, but it didn’t thrive.  The stems that once were pretty rigid and stood up straight just sagged.  There wasn’t any new growth, but maybe lilacs don’t show much new growth late in the season.  Regardless, a few weeks ago I read something about cutting down branches to just a few inches from the ground.  Because I didn’t have much hope for this plant, I did just that.  When you looked at the 20-inch pot, you really couldn’t tell there was anything that was supposed to be planted in it.  Just a few random sticks sticking out.

So, the other day when I noticed some tiny leaves started to appear on those little sticks sticking out the ground, well, maybe the Persian Lilac isn’t done after all.  It’s still early, and I did chop it down a lot, but let’s see what happens.

The Persian Lilac is in the green, larger pot. As you can see, I chopped the branches down to the ground. I haven’t figured out what to plant in the smaller pot yet.
Persian Lilac
Persian Lilac

There’s no telling what’s going on beneath the surface, but the leaves on the branches aren’t the only sign of revival.  Off to the side, away from the center of the pot above where the root ball is, there are branches reaching out with leaves sprouting as well.  I’ll take that as a good sign.

Persian Lilac

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