Published On: Wed, Mar 8th, 2017

Time To Focus on Trapezius

When I first started pushing weight, and even now, Nduku underestimates that I actually have some muscles.  It’s not because I’m strong; it’s because men tend to have a stronger frame and muscular structure.  So, when we’re doing the same exercises, she sometimes don’t believe I lift much more than her.  It’s not her; it’s biology.

But, there are some things she does better than me.  Lots of things.  For instance, I hate squats.  And dead lifts.  And anything resembling crossfit.  Or ab work.  And the list goes on.  And one thing she has that I don’t — trapezius muscle development.

When she’s in a wife beater, her traps are pronounced. I’m jealous. So to develop my traps, I focus on them a couple ties a week.
The traps are the muscles that form a diamond shape from the neck to the middle of your back and flare out to the shoulders.  And when they’re really developed, they look like two giant smooth potatoes sitting on the shoulders, leaning on your neck.  It gets its name trapezius because it resembles a trapezoid.

The traps have three main parts.  As with everything else in muscle anatomy, they’re referred to as upper, middle and lower traps.  And each part requires different exercises to develop them evenly.

The most common trap exercises are shrugs, and there are many variations of them.  There’s also high pulls and rows, but they tend to stress the shoulders and my delts aren’t quite ready yet.  Mostly I was doing shrugs with the hex bar, but I recently read that doing one arm shrugs with a plate or dumbbell increases the range of motion.  This obviously makes the workout longer, having to focus on one side at a time [and I’m an impatient exerciser], but the development of the traps will happen faster [again, I’m impatient] so I’m in.

One day, some day, I’ll have traps.

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