Published On: Thu, Dec 15th, 2016

Time For Our Every-Two-Year Trip to Kenya By Way Of Morocco

As the winter storm warnings were saturating the news, we were escaping to Africa on our every-two-years trip to visit Nduku’s family in Kenya. Just as everyone was preparing for freezing temperatures and a possibility for snow, we were preparing for the summer, being that Kenya is below the equator, with average temperatures above 80 degrees.

Najwa patiently waiting with the luggage at Dulles International Airport.

Najwa has always been enamored with infants and babies, enough to not be shy when approaching people she doesn’t know to see their babies.

The plane was delayed.  We planned a 6 hour layover, enough time to make a quick trip to Casablanca, but that was looking unlikely.  Maybe on the way back.

For now, we were just glad to finally be in the air.  We flew Royal Air Morac, Morocco’s airline, but they all always seem about the same to me.

I tried to tell Najwa her blindfold was upside down, but she was sleep before I finished my sentence.

When you think morocco, you think Sahara, you think desert, but near Casablanca, it’s quite green.

We had a few hours before our next flight.  I was ready to leave the airport, even if for only an hour, but the more cautious Nduku vetoed it.  I’d learn later that we weren’t close to anything, making my attempts futile.

Well, we were halfway to our destination.  We just grabbed a bite, had a seat, and soon enough we were back in the air.

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