Published On: Thu, Dec 15th, 2016

Oregon 1st Graders Performing at DC Prep Winter Festival

DC Prep’s Winter Festivals are hilarious to me.  Kids that age just have no idea how entertaining they are, even when they’re not trying to.  Some pour their hearts into the performances, and their efforts are simply admirable.

This year, I was caught off guard.  I had no idea that Najwa was going to lead one of the “dances” for her class.  My goodness.  Every time I watch this I want to laugh, simply tickled; cry from laughing so hard and swelling with pride; I smile thinking she had no fear or shyness; I wonder if she was wondering what I was wondering about her dance; I laugh more when she does that spin move; and when the teacher had to get her attention to get her to rotate to the next student.

I love that girl!

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