Published On: Wed, Dec 21st, 2016

Killing Time On a Glass Boat Off The Coast of Kenya

With some time to kill with the kids at the pool with the other grown folk, Nduku and I hoped on a glass boat and took a ride out to the coral reef.

Nduku patiently waiting for the glass boat to arrive while relaxing at leopard Beach Resort.

Anyone who has taken a trip on a glass boat already knows what to expect.  This was my first time, and I’m not sure what I was expecting, but when I saw that we weren’t going far off the coast, I started to get suspicious.  With the glass floor, how were we going to see anything so close to the coast.  We anchored in water that probably was just deep enough to stand in.

Little did I know that there was so much marine life so close to the beach.

The coral reef off the coast of Kenya isn’t protected.  Case in point, one of our guides said he was going to look for an octopus.  It took a while, but he found one.  And it was fighting for its life, spraying its ink all over the place, wrapping its tentacles [or are they arms?] around whatever was holding it, hoping to get back into the water. I held it for a moment, feeling the eerie suction on my arms.

Then the guide did something, ripped something out the neck area of the octopus. If almost immediately calmed down, and after viewing it, the guides just threw it in a bucket. Unlike the other animals, this one was going to be someone’s dinner. They were quite eager to get back.

For a moment there, I was going to give snorkeling a shot.  I can’t swim, but the floor was just beneath the boat.  How hard is it to not drown when you can stand in the water?

The only issue, after showing us a few animals and telling us they were poisonous, well, since I can’t swim, I had to put my feet somewhere, and on top of the spines of a sea urchin [hence the sponge in the photo above] was enough to keep me in the boat.

Cool trip.

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