Published On: Thu, Dec 1st, 2016

DC Prep Trip to President Lincoln’s Cottage

Sometimes, when you live in a city, you don’t always know about all the tourist attractions. Just around the corner from our house, little did we know that President Lincoln had a cottage there. It’s still there. And DC Prep took a trip out there. When I heard cottage, especially one used in the 1800s, I was thinking one-room, made of logs, and needing no more than 15 minutes to experience. Surprisingly, though, Lincoln’s Cottage is a pretty big house, probably considered a mansion back in the day.

The tour started with a walk through the cottage. It’s two stories, has good sized rooms, is old but kept up pretty well. Ms. Ashley, the tour guide, did great telling the story of the cottage and the life and accomplishments of Abraham Lincoln.

DC Prep at Lincoln's Cottage
DC Prep at Lincoln's Cottage
DC Prep at Lincoln's Cottage
DC Prep at Lincoln's Cottage
DC Prep at Lincoln's Cottage

One day Najwa asked me what a slave was. How do you explain it? I glossed over it, saying it was when bad people treated people from Africa really bad, but does that even come close to answering the question? I mean, can six year olds really comprehend slavery?

They knew Abraham freed the slaves. They knew he led the Civil War and was honest. And they heard of the thing called the Emancipation Proclamation. It’ll probably be a few more years before they really get what it is that they’re learning in school.

Emancipation Proclamation

After the tour around the cottage, we headed back to the welcome center.  It was arts & crafts time, and when discussing Lincoln, what do you make?  Top hat of course.

Legend has it that Lincoln wrote many notes to capture his thoughts and ideas, and kept them in his hat.  One of them probably had something to do with freeing the slaves.  So before the kids finished their hats, they had to write notes of great deeds by Lincoln and what they can do to put in the top hats.

DC Prep at Lincoln's Cottage in Washington DC

They also visited the museum, did more exercises together, actually started getting a bit antsy [not enough running and playing like previous field trips], and then it was time to go.

I might have to come back without the dozens of kids. Didn’t know it was so close to home.

Lincoln's Cottage in Washington DC
Lincoln's Cottage in Washington DC
Lincoln's Cottage in Washington DC

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