Published On: Thu, Nov 10th, 2016

Daddy Dinner Discussion at DC Prep

Over the years, I’ve become pretty introverted.  Anti-social.  Borderline recluse.  All I can handle with the bandwidth available are my two ladies and work.  And Redskins football.

But, at DC Prep they were having a Daddy Dinner, and Najwa wanted me to go so she can be there with the other kids watching movies, eating whatever they had, and just being around her friends.  So, of course I went.

It was my first time.  It was interesting.  Not quite what I was expecting, but interesting nevertheless.  There was some group activities to my chagrin, but mostly it was about a passage in a book that I read in the past called Mindset [highly recommended whether you have kids or not].  There are two types of mindsets — fixed and growth — and we were encouraged to develop the growth mindset. There were examples given, and overall, I was impressed. A lot of what I had already been doing, encouraging in Najwa, we were encouraged to do. Good refresher for me.

Most of all, I was impressed with the number of dads who came out.

Daddy Dinner at DC Prep

After the dinner talk, it was time to jet.  Najwa and I went to her classroom to get her stuff, and when I look around the school, walk through its halls and pause a moment to grab this moment in time, I wonder how much of these times she’ll remember.  I have no pictures, and barely any real recollections, of my elementary school, Ponderosa Elementary School in Fayetteville, NC.  Of course, camera phones hadn’t come out yet.  Actually, we were still printing from 35mm negatives.

Najwa’s school is simply amazing.  One of DC’s best, highest rated charter school system.  And I am so grateful and fortunate that Najwa loves school.  I mean, she LOVES it!  And when I look around, see her in this setting, I can’t help but to think what it will be like 20 years from now, revisiting the school and seeing Najwa reminisce about these moments.

So, why not take some photos to help capture the moment as it is today?

Najwa's DC Prep Classroom

Where Najwa sits in Oregon, the name of her 1st grade class.

The hallway outside her class, on the second floor, drinking her hot chocolate from the movie the kids watched while the dads were having their dinner discussion.

Najwa showing off her splits.

Main lobby of DC Prep.

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