Published On: Mon, Oct 31st, 2016

Najwa as Mal for Halloween at PG Plaza

The original plan was to do an outdoor trick-or-treat. But with the temperatures a bit chilly for Nduku’s equatorial blood, we headed back to PG Plaza Mall.

I wasn’t impressed last year, with a number of stores simply not participating. So, I wanted to make sure we got there as early as we could so that if the stores were being stingy, we had some time to see if we could find another place. In middle of the mall, though, they were having a performance for the kids. There were hundreds of kids, but we kept going store to store. We ran into someone Nduku knew who told us that the trick-or-treating was supposed to start at 7:00 pm.

Sure enough, after we collected a bunch of candy from stores that got started early, those hundreds of costumed kids were everywhere, lines backed up, it got crowded, but we were pretty much done. Najwa was happy with her loot.

Halloween at PG Plaza

When we got Najwa’s costume, I thought she chose it because of the colors. She’s always said her favorite colors were purple and pink. That and she knew daddy wasn’t going to let her dress up as any character that needed a man to be whole, aka, the Disney princess.

Later, though, I find out she’s a character from Disney’s Descendants. The character, Mal, though, isn’t a damsel in distress, so all is good.

I was also pleased to see so many mall employees dressed up in costumes as well. For a moment there, I wasn’t planning on coming back to PG Plaza Mall, but this turned out alright.

Halloween at PG Plaza

Halloween at PG Plaza

Halloween at PG Plaza

Halloween at PG Plaza

Halloween at PG Plaza


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