Published On: Sun, Oct 30th, 2016

Deck Plants Attracting Good and Bad Insects

The reason I started planting marigolds in the planters on the deck was because I kept reading that mosquitoes don’t like the marigold scent so they stay away.  I can’t say whether this is true or not, but I have noticeably suffered less from mosquito bites since I started ringing the deck in marigolds.  Unfortunately, marigolds do attract the other types of bugs that I could live without.

Bumble Bee in Marigold

The bumble bees [it might be a carpenter bees actually] unnerve me a bit, but I get that it’s good for the flowers so I won’t soak them in Raid. They’re just my cue to go back in the house for a moment to refill my drink or whatever else that takes the same amount of time for the bees to finish up and leave.

Another insect that I was actually glad to see was chilling in the potted Panama Orange Tree (Calamondin) on the back deck. Several months ago in the spring, I actually ordered praying mantis egg pods, but I thought I got them too early, when it was too cold outside for the baby mantises to hatch. So seeing this rather large one was promising, the second one I saw, though the egg pods can hatch anywhere between 50 to 200 mantises.

Praying Mantis in my Panama Orange Tree (Calamondin).
Praying Mantis in my Panama Orange Tree (Calamondin).

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