Published On: Sat, Sep 3rd, 2016

Storm Hunting at Rehoboth Beach

We planned on spending the day at Rehoboth Beach, but then thought about it because Tropical Storm Hermine. But, well, we decided to be adventurous anyway and headed out there. The traffic to the beach was a breeze; the traffic coming back was bumper-to-bumper as if it was the end of the weekend.

When we got there, though, the wind was strong, the waves on the beach were high enough that no one was allowed out there, but nothing as drastic as how they made it sound. Not even a drop of rain.

We walked around for a bit, grabbed a bite to eat, hit up the outlet malls, then came home. Regardless, beats sitting at home all day.

Rehoboth Beach

We stopped by The Bakery Shoppe for some pastries. Nduku asked if the cupcakes and stuff were fresh and was told “-ish.” That should’ve been a hint, but we paid the inflated price to find out that “-ish” was pretty accurate. None of us finished our deserts.

Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach

Love this sign.

Rehoboth Beach

Even without getting in the water, Najwa was still wore out.

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