Published On: Sat, Aug 27th, 2016

Where In The World Is Najwa Gaines?

One of the scarier aspects of being a parent is having your head on a swivel. Kids go missing. A lot. A lot more than you’d expect.

It’s not that they’re fast, it’s that they’re quiet. Unless you’re staring at them, they have the tendency to drift out of your peripheral vision and before you know it, you’re playing a game of hide and go seek, only you’re not sure if your kid is playing as well.

The other night as bedtime was approaching, I couldn’t find Najwa. It was time to break the bad news to her. Play time was over. She was playing on my computer, but when I glanced over to my desk — no Najwa. I went upstairs to check her room, my room, the kitchen, behind the living room sofa where she likes to hang out to be left alone. No dice. I checked outside for a moment, but that made no sense. I would’ve heard the alarm beep twice and started going off on her.

You know, when this happens, you know without any doubt that your child is safe and somewhere close. It’s like not being able to find your keys. You know they’re around; you just have to think really hard. Well, there is one difference. When it’s your child, you can feel your pulse quicken a bit, your mouth dry a tad, and your imagination explodes with the most unrealistic thoughts ever. Stuff even Hollywood can’t think of.

So what do you do? You go back to where you began and start from there. Najwa was on my computer, so I headed downstairs to sit at my desk and think. Think really hard of where a 50 pound child could possibly be in the house. And then…


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