Published On: Fri, Aug 19th, 2016

Najwa’s First Redskins Game!

My homeboy Joon and I got season tickets to the Redskins games, this being our second year. He was gracious enough to give up a preseason ticket so I can take Najwa and continue to ensure she grows up to be a die-hard Redskins fan like her daddy.

Najwa at Redskins Game

Najwa at Redskins Game

Najwa at Redskins Game


Najwa at Redskins Game

It was getting loud, so Najwa found a solution — sticking paper in her ear.

And just as we were getting settled in, the Redskins drive down the field and scored a touchdown — Najwa’s first TD! It may take a while for her to get the significance of a touchdown as she obviously wasn’t getting it. But she hears the Redskins fight song for the first time. She hears it again later and makes an attempt to memorize it, reading the words on the big screens.

Najwa After Redskins Game

It was a late game, a bit pass Najwa’s bedtime.

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