Published On: Sat, Jul 16th, 2016

Celebrating Another Friend’s Birthday at Chuck E. Cheese

As a parent with a birthday coming up for Najwa, I’m usually clueless of what to do for her birthday. At my age, birthdays are no big deal anymore, but at Najwa’s age, it’s a highlight of the year. Though she just recently went to a birthday at Pump It Up, she seems adamant that her birthday be at a Chuck E. Cheese. Especially after going to Neomi’s birthday party there this weekend.


Always so excited to see Chuck E. Cheese.


Najwa with family friend Alice.

There’s this game where you hold onto these handles that vibrate. You get more tickets the longer you hold them, but the intensity of the vibration increases significantly, almost to the point of extreme discomfort. Najwa, in her quest for as many tickets as possible, seemed to forget that she could let go at any point. I just admire that intense look on her face as she commits to hang on for as long as she can.





Let’s just hope Najwa gets no ideas of driving this fast in real life. Especially after watching the video below.

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