Published On: Sun, Jun 26th, 2016

Najwa and Alani at the Giant BBQ Battle

It’s weird calling it the Giant BBQ Battle when for years it’s been the Safeway BBQ Battle, but whatever. This year Alani, one of Najwa’s friend, joined us to help us not have to chase Najwa around all day.

Walking to BBQ Festival

First things first, of course. We had to get some ribs. It was packed as usual, loud, smoky. We passed a few vendors, but only found a handful with chicken tenders since Najwa isn’t one for BBQ ribs. Yet.


North Carolina style ribs. My favorite by default, though I like them all.


The Redskins tent probably attracted an additional 10 percent higher traffic.


And then, we were off and running. I’ve always enjoyed the BBQ Festival. Vendors come out with their biggest toys and attractions. Many of repeat; some were new. All were fun, especially for the little ones.


The Wiener Mobile


The Planters Mobile


I’m okay with Najwa joining the National Guard. But all she wanted was the swag.



Free food is always good.


Let’s just say they have some time to go before they’ll make the team.

One cool, new addition, was a free dental clinic set up just for the kids. They had students from Howard University’s dental program and employments from Colgate giving free dental screens and teaching kids about proper care for your teeth. We’ve never had an issue with Najwa going to the dentist, but this is the perfect setup to make a kid want a dental screen.





A quick lesson in how to properly floss.

Of course the vendors were there to brand themselves. I always wondered if the amount of money spent for these types of setups pay off in the future. I wouldn’t be surprised if Najwa’s favorite hot dog is Nathan’s or she gets insurance with GEICO since they had a huge section with a carousel, cornhole, a giant slide, games, free gifts and more.


You roll the dice and win something every time. Think about it: you win free advertising.


This was Najwa’s best toss. She and her BFF kept tossing the sacks behind the entire display.



And then there was the GEICO semi-tractor truck pimped out as a music studio. It was good to at least get out of the heat, but even better when the ladies got to record a video to James Brown’s “I Feel Good” on the green screen. Unfortunately the actual video didn’t have sound [probably didn’t realize the mics were not on] but they had fun anyway.

2016-06-26 16.34.20

All in all, a good day. They seemed to never run out of energy, but it was time to go. We’ll be back.


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