Published On: Mon, Jun 6th, 2016

Introducing the Dumbbell Cross Body Hammer Curl

While reading about the different muscles worked for different exercises, I’ve come to learn a bunch of different muscles that unless you were a pre-med major in college or a weightlifter, you probably never heard of them. But what makes learning about them when pushing weight is how they affect the way you look.

I was reading about dumbbell cross body hammer curls. One of the muscles this exercise helps is the brachialis. When people think curls, they think biceps. And the bigger the biceps, the bigger your arms look. Another way to increase the perceived size of your arms, though, is to increase the size of the brachialis which sits beneath the biceps and as it [brachialis] gets larger, it pushes the biceps up making them [biceps] appear even larger.

The dumbbell cross body hammer curls is an effective way to work the biceps as well as the brachialis. While doing this exercise for the first time, I could feel the tension more where my elbow is, even on my forearm where the brahioradial muscle is. The biceps get less tension from this exercise, but there’s a bunch of other exercises to work them. This is mostly about the brachialis. I’m just going to introduce this exercise into my routine to help those little biceps out by giving it a push from the brachialis.

The brachialis is considered a mobility muscle because of how close the elbow joint is to its insertion. Its role is to help flex the elbow joint, such as is done in any curl exercise. Unfortunately, doing bicep exercises alone won’t maximize this muscle’s development. This is because when doing classic biceps curls, the majority of the tension and stimulus is unsurprisingly placed on the biceps muscles. To increase the tension placed on the brachialis during a curl, we need to decrease the tension applied to the biceps, while still flexing at the elbow. One way to do this, is to put the biceps in a disadvantaged position while performing a curl exercise. Enter the cross body hammer curl, otherwise known as the “pinwheel curl”, a variation of the more popularly used hammer curl.

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