Published On: Sat, Mar 12th, 2016

Najwa Tells Another of her Spontaneous Stories [7:46]

Najwa was downstairs talking to herself, so we thought.

She was making a video of herself telling an original story of a queen, one halfway resembling Elsa from Frozen. Somewhere just after she got started, she starts playing with my photo studio equipment, which is reminder for me to put them away after a session, but then she got back on track with her random story.

It’s funny listening to the story. You can hear some of her previous experiences influencing her story. The lava from when we made a volcano. The getting smashed on the head was probably from when Nduku was in a minor fender bender not too long ago, and Najwa had to go to the nurse to make sure her head was okay (which it was). I’m not sure where all this arresting business comes from, though.

Near the end Najwa really gets into character. So much I think she really loses track of the story line. Can’t say she has Oscar-worthy talent, but it’s fascinating to see her creativity when no one is around.

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