Published On: Sat, Jun 6th, 2015

Truck Touch at RFK Stadium

Well, this event is different. The main attraction at Truck Touch are vehicles, but it’s not a car show. These vehicles are those everyday vehicles you see being used by city employees from sanitation workers to construction to law enforcement to anything that requires a special vehicle.

But first, we stand in the long line so Najwa can have her brief moment in the moon bounce.

Truck Touch 2015

Truck Touch 2015

At first glance, you won’t recognize these sanitation trucks. Once it registers, it makes you wonder why they don’t just leave them like that when they’re running their routes each morning.

Truck Touch 2015

Truck Touch 2015

DC Water Mascot

Of course the most effective way to get a kid’s attention is put someone in a huge mascot costume and ask for high fives.

DC Water Mascot


There was a stage with performances on one side. There were hundreds of kids yelling and screaming [with excitement]. And there were these big trucks that kids crawled into just to honk the horn, laying on it, laughing at how loud the horns are.



There was also the truck and trailer full of equipment for DC Water’s Team Blue. The guys were great, explaining exactly what they do, how they do it, how to use each piece of equipment in the truck, how they repair mains as opposed to just digging it up and replacing it, how they mix chemicals, everything even though they’re talking to a four year old.





Set up with many different vehicles was DC Police. From the cars, the trucks, the vans, the motorcycles, the helicopters, the SWAT van, and so on.





While on the motorcycle, the helicopter took to the air. Being so close to everyone, it created a lot of wind, an inconvenience to us parents but a thrill for the kids.



Najwa also took an interest in the Underwater Search and Recovery [as opposed to rescue?] vehicle and its equipment. Not yet fully realizing what they do for a living, she thought it would be some cool stuff for us to get for the next time we went to the beach. Considering neither of us can swim, it might not be a bad idea.




And, as usual, at every event there’s a section just for the kids. There were building blocks, a huge Connect Four game, some tossing games, tricycles, and so on.



Najwa finally finds something they’ll let her drive.

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