Published On: Sun, Aug 31st, 2014

Day Trip Back Out to Annapolis

The ladies and I decided to take a day trip to Annapolis, MD. It’s just an hour or so down the road, but a good trip to get away for a few hours. We got something to eat, walked around, bought some souvenirs, but mainly took a boat trip around the bay.

Our first concern was how Najwa would like being on the boat, in the middle of the water. Not like we could get off if she determined this wasn’t for her and threw a tantrum. Surprisingly, though, the exact opposite happened. She enjoyed it so much that when it was time to get off the boat, she went crazy.

Najwa on a boat trip in Annapolis, MD


Najwa on a boat trip in Annapolis, MD

Najwa and Nduku on a boat trip in Annapolis, MD

Najwa on a boat trip in Annapolis, MD

After a boat trip around the bay, checking out the massive homes, learning some of its history and just enjoying the ride, we got some ice cream before heading back home.

Najwa eating ice cream

Ice Cream: Spoon Optional

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