Published On: Sat, Jul 26th, 2014

Taking Selfies While Waiting for the 80 Bus

I remember back in the day when Saturdays were invented for people like me to sleep until Sunday morning, wake, watch the Redskins game, go to bed and start the week all over again. The week had six days because Saturdays and Sundays blended together.

Not anymore. I get up about as early as I do during the work week because our little one has no concept of sleeping in.

Fortunately, she’s at that age when she doesn’t require 24 hour supervision. The electrical outlets are covered. Glass and ceramics are stored high and away from her curiosity. We put the Vaseline away and there’s nothing under the sink.

But, the days of just handing her a bottle of milk are also over. Now, she wants brekfess. Cereal is her main course. Every now and again I cook bacon, but Najwa doesn’t do eggs. And then there’s those days she wants pancakes. Thanks to an episode of Peppa Pig when the family cooks pancakes for breakfast.

I could whip out the flour, milk and eggs. Better yet, the Just Add Water box of who-knows-what. But sometimes, we just take a ride on the 80 bus to downtown Brookland to Brookland Grill for breakfast. My favorite part is waiting at the bus stop taking selfies with Najwa.

Najwa and dad



Najwa at the bus stop at 12th St NE and South Dakota NE waiting for the 80 bus.

We generally time it so that we don’t have to wait more than 10 minutes. But it’s still a lot of time to just be silly. I always wonder if these very short two minute moments in time will stay fresh in my memory. Just in case, though, I record it. And I already forgot that she sang “Jingle Bells.”

  • David Gaines

    I have no idea why she started singing a Christmas song. I’m just glad it wasn’t the Queen Elsa song from the movie Frozen. Again. And again. And again.


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