Published On: Tue, May 21st, 2013

Najwa Back at Lovejoy Park with a New Hairdo

I had just got home from work and as usual on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Nduku headed out to the gym leaving me with one of the most energetic kids, ever. I was beat. Tired. No energy to play and no idea how to drain the energy Najwa accumulated all day.

Except heading out to the park before sunset.

Najwa getting ready to go to the park

All I have to say is “park” and Najwa knows the drill.

Najwa's Hairdo

Najwa’s actually pouting here for whatever reason, but gave me a chancec to take a picture of her new hairdo, courtesy of Aunt Toni, Najwa’s babysitter.




Sometimes, though, going to the park doesn’t sap all Najwa’s energy. I was waiting for the other parents to leave with their kids as the sun was setting, but they were takign too long and I still had to prepare dinner, bathe Najwa, read and put my head down fora moment.

As we headed out, Najwa exploded. When she doesn’t want to leave, she makes sure everyone within a two mile radius knows about it. Unfortunately for her, I have no shame in having a child that throws a tantrum like a pro. I dragged her out, upside-down, kicking and screaming, not worried about anything except catching a sandal in my eye.

But kids have short memories. Forgetting we just left the park was accomplished with a flower needing some help to spread its seeds of weeds.

Najwa helping the proliferation of more weeds

Najwa helping the proliferation of more weeds

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