Published On: Sat, Mar 30th, 2013

The 13 Vitamins From A to K

I confess. As I was getting a better understanding of my blood test results, I was eating fried chicken and steamed white rice from my favorite Chinese take-out joint. Guilty.

There are a lot of habits that are hard to break, but I didn’t think any of them involved giving up foods. There are so many deliciousness to choose from, how could you possibly miss one or two? My doctor tells me no more cheese; all I hear is him saying no more pepperoni pizza or lasagna. He says no more brown alcohol if I have to drink at all; all I hear is no more Southern Comfort. He says no more fried foods; all I hear is starve to death.

Would I rather die old and hungry or not as old and satiated? I’m going to need time to think about that one.

Years ago [more like all my life] I’d say enjoy life to the fullest especially if it meant having Big Bufords from Checkers with the seasoned fries that only Checkers got right. But once you have a child, my goodness does time seem to become an enemy rather than an ally.

I want to be there to see my child live a complete and full life. That means I’m going to have to stick around. Which means I guess I’m going to have to start paying attention what goes in my mouth. And though nutritionists, infomercials and those co-workers who are losing weight make it sound so easy, there’s a ton of information to learn and understand when it comes to eating. It’s one thing to say cut back on sugar, but who knew sugar likes to disguise itself so well?

The 13 Vitamins From A to K

I’m going to start simple. First I want to understand vitamins. There are 13 of them and some have AKAs. For the time being, I’ll be studying this very basic chart [you may have to click it to be able to read it better].

The 13 Vitamins

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