Published On: Sat, Mar 23rd, 2013

Breaking In The New Nikes With a 6.29 Mile Walk Across DC

Though walking in Tims isn’t the ideal scenario, I think it was more painful for the lady than for me. So painful [or is it pitiful?] that she bought me a pair of Nikes. What would I do without her, other than walk gingerly because of the blisters on my feet?

So, might as well break in the new kicks.

RunKeeper - 23March2013

Not wanting to tease the new shoes, I took them for a 6.29 walk around the city. The plan was to go longer and further, but the battery on my phone was about to die, meaning RunKeeper would’ve lost track of where I was. I know, not the point of walking, but if I’m not getting credit for my mileage, I’ll postpone the rest of the walk for later.

But 6.29 miles in brand new shoes gnawing at the back of your ankle because they’re not broken in yet isn’t something to scoff at! They were tearing into my skin, but I think they’re ready to go now. Of course the lady reiterated that’s why she wanted to get them from Fleet Feet, but I felt guilty she was willing to spend the big bucks on my feet when I was cool with the Tims.

When I graduate to the point where I’ll start running, maybe we’ll go to Fleet Feet. Until then the Nikes will do.

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