Published On: Sat, Feb 16th, 2013

Najwa at the Playseum

While mommy was getting her hair done, the little one and I headed out to play. Since we were on U Street and I had my camera, I’ve been meaning to take photos of the African American Civil War Memorial at the 10th Street exit of the U Street Metro station. On the way there, Najwa saw some balloons in the window of Lee’s Flower and Card Shop at 11th and U Streets NW. And there was no way she was going to give me a moment to take any photos until I got her a balloon.

The lady at Lee’s understood. Made me wonder if she’s done this before. She gave Najwa a free balloon, one with their company information on it of course. And I had no issues promoting their business since it helped me continue on with mine.

I shot a bunch of photos that I’ll be posting at my other site then headed back to the car. Ran into my homegirl Asabi who was on her way to brunch with some friends. I wouldn’t took some pictures but Najwa was calm for just a moment after a lot of protesting, not wanting to leave the African American Civil War Memorial, though she had her balloon.

Najwa and I headed down to the Playseum on Barracks Row in Capitol Hill. It was our first time and wasn’t sure of what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. The place is like a big house where every room is designed for kids. It didn’t take Najwa long to get settled in, moving from one room and one level to another in paradise.

There’s a bunch of different play areas with different themes. One for Chinatown, a live kitchen where you can decorate and eat cupcakes, an area for story time and plays using sock puppets, an play area with a bunch of stuffed dogs, an area about different cultures and languages, a play room with a basketball goal and tons of various balls, a putting green, building blocks, and books all over the place. Books and books and books. All for sale.

But Najwa’s favorite area was the arts and crafts area. She made a bracelet with pipe cleaner and beads, placed with the glue and glitter before I had to take that away from her, but she really got settled in with the paint. I did try to discourage her, since paint isn’t the easiest thing to get out of clothes [and skin!], but she wasn’t having it. So, I let her get her Leonardo da Vinci on.


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