Published On: Sat, Dec 15th, 2012

Nduku Got Her Illegal Fuzzy Dice Just Without All The Pips

One day Nduku made a comment about wanting to hang fuzzy dice from her rear view mirror. I thought she was kidding. So, I tested her and got her some fuzzy dice — only not all the pips are them. But still, they’re an upgrade.

Redskins Dice

And then he tells me it’s illegal to hang stuff from the rear view mirror.

Even though stores sell air fresheners with strings to hang them from rear view mirrors, it’s illegal to use them in DC. DC’s obstructed view law states, in part, that no vehicle operated on the highways of D.C. “shall have any object attached to or suspended from the rear view mirror or rear view mirror bracket.” A lot of people believe the law isn’t really about what’s hanging from the rear view mirror as much as it’s about having a reason to stop you.

“The guy pulled me over because he thought I was a young’un and the only thing he could say was you can’t have anything hanging form your mirror,” said Roosevelt Thompson.

ANC Commissioner Brenda Shields said the law needs to be publicized. “We don’t know what’s wrong until we’re stopped,” she said. She complained that her son was stopped recently. The concern is racial profiling.

D.C. police declined ABC7’s request for an interview about the subject.

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