Published On: Wed, Nov 28th, 2012

When We Finally Purchase Were Getting Pedestal Sinks

Pedestal SinksSo the lady and I are starting to really dive into buying a home. We’ve been talked about it, actually, but if a little patience to get our credit scores at a level to reduce the interest rate, well, we’re almost there.

So naturally we [more like her and I’m subjected to it] watch a lot of home improvement type shows. I’m always claiming they’re so staged that it’s hard for me to wowed by the actual story lines. But some of the things they do gives me ideas.

The two most important rooms in the house, they say, are the kitchen and bathroom. There’s no doubt I want a functional kitchen, one where two people can stand in it and not get in each other’s way. An island would be nice. A refrigerator with an ice maker is almost a requirement for me. But we’ll sort that out later.

The bathroom, though, doesn’t allow you many options. Sink, toilet, bathtub and a mirror. But after watching all these programs, I’m convinced I want pedestal sinks. And one of those faucets that activate by touch.

Maybe it’s because we have an adventurous little one who likes to explore under the sink. Or the fact that the bathroom will feel more roomy, spacious and elegant. Regardless, it’s all pedestal sinks for me.

That and heated floors that the Property Brothers installed one episode that made my current bathroom floor seem ever colder in the morning.

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