Published On: Wed, Nov 28th, 2012

Advice For Hotels Looking For Repeat Business


The mountains surrounding Salt Lake City — simply mesmerizing.

Just before Thanksgiving a co-worker and I went to Utah to recruit at a university just south of Salt Lake City. We’ve attended many career fairs and hosted several information sessions at various schools, but most of them were regional and could be done in one day.

Utah? Let’s just say that Neumont University produces top shelf developers we haven’t seen at other schools.

The hotel [actually it as an inn] we stayed at was, well, decent; but there are some things that could’ve been done to make it a must-stay establishment.

I don’t generally stay at five star hotels, but it doesn’t take many unique items to make a three star hotel feel like one. It’s all in the amenities. Whenever I go to less expensive hotels, I bring my own soap. But it’s not because I’m anal retentive about the lye and borax I use; it’s because of the cheap soap some cheaper hotels provide that make me itch. Why is it that more affordable hotels feel the need to provide the absolute cheapest quality soap, shampoo, toilet tissue, towels and other items they can find? They don’t have to supply us with Dove soap, but at least provide something of quality that doesn’t make us itch!

The hotel we stayed at served breakfast. No meat, though. No meat!? When we chose the hotel, part of it was because of the free breakfast. Perhaps the definition of breakfast means something different in Utah. Or here we stayed was being so cheap that it felt a waffle should be enough.

The staff was nice, though. Actually, really nice. I was joking with one of the guest agents about helping me carry in my bags, since we had a bunch of stuff for the career fair as well, and he joked that it wasn’t the Holiday Inn. Funny. In Washington, DC, the Holiday Inn is the last place you think of when thinking of fancy hotels.

Regardless, all hotels should still have basic items for the customers in case we have a ton of bags. Or need a ton of ice because the tiny fridge can barely fit a six pack [of Mountain Dew for me]. Or an ironing board that doesn’t collapse when I put too much pressure on it to get a strong crease in my shirts. Or a microwave that didn’t take three minutes to heat up something that the box says needs 60 seconds.

Eh – I’m a guy. We make do. Who needs HDTV? Or for all the light bulbs to work [that was my co-worker’s room]? Or towels that weren’t bought from Fingerhut?

Let’s just say next time I’m in Utah, I’m insisting on a hotel that actually has meat for breakfast and invests a little more money into making the stay feel more like an overpriced stay at a youth hostel.

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