Published On: Sat, Sep 22nd, 2012

Najwa Meets Robert Knox As We Rendezvous After 8 Years

Years ago, back in Atlanta, while an assistant manager at RadioShack, we hired a new kid. Country kid from Paulding County which to me was the boonies to the boonies of Atlanta. I eventually moved to another location where, promoted [conned] into management. When the new manager was threatening to fire the new kid from the sticks, I asked that he be transferred to my store.

And ever since Robert Knox and I have been friends. Since I moved to DC in 2004, we’ve mostly kept in contact from a fantasy football league we’re both in that was started 10 years ago. We’d send text messages during the season, either wishing each other’s teams [Redskins and Falcons] well or not, every now and again.

And then the other day, I get a text from him saying he’s in the area. Robert’s job takes him across the country and he had some time to kill before heading out to Cleveland the next morning. He came through and man did we have some catching up to do.

Najwa and Robert Knox

Robert Knox and Najwa

Time flies.

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