Published On: Sun, Sep 9th, 2012

All Decked Out in Redskins Gear For The Adams Morgan Day Festival

What was Adams Morgan Main Street thinking!? How do you throw a street festival on the same day as the debut of Redskins QB Robert Griffin III? And with my dad in town, how do I balance entertaining his last day with us and watching the Redskins season opener against the New Orleans Saints?


While the DirecTV receiver recorded the game, we rolled out to 18th Street for our first trip to the Adams Morgan Day Festival. Everyone decked out in Redskins gear. Even Najwa, thanks to Mike and Jenny’s donating their little girl Brayden’s Santana Moss jersey.

This is one of the better celebrations in DC. We walked the street, visited vendors, got some knickknacks, some food, and really had a good time. Would’ve been better if I didn’t get antsy when Mike texted that “we’re going to the Super Bowl.” I really wanted to stick around longer, but I was terrified of accidentally hearing someone give away the score of the Redskins game.

In an attempt to get Najwa to calm down after throwing a tantrum when she saw the playground, there was a vendor with a tiny table with tiny chairs with paper, color pencils and balloons. Just enough to distract her for a moment. Veronica Seva-Gonzales, a Realtor with Keller Williams Capitol Properties, knew just what was needed to keep an almost-two-year-old preoccupied being the mother of a 20-month-old.

Though Nduku taunts me a lot, claiming to be a Giants fan, she doesn’t protest in wearing her Redskins gear, a shirt I got her when Mike was in town and we went to Redskins training camp. And I must commend her for committing herself to working out four days a week to get her sexy back after giving birth to Najwa. The burgundy and gold makes her look even more sexy.

Nduku Malombe

Nduku Malombe

As we headed out, I made a joke to my dad and his significant other about not having any Redskins gear. To his credit, he was adamant about rocking some Redskins gear for him and his significant other. My dad is notorious for wearing a plain blue t-shirt. It’s like his favorite color. But he looks good in burgundy and gold.

There are three things that send Najwa into an uncontrollable rage. When she sees water [as in fountains and water that shoots out of the ground], when she sees a playground and when she sees a balloon. Luckily there was no water, but I did cave in and took Najwa to the playground for a moment. The only thing to get her to chill after I ripped her off the slide was this balloon.

I only included this picture of Najwa looking around trying to find us because I like her shape. When Najwa was born, Nduku weighed, well, more than before we got pregnant. Though in Kenya women are encouraged to develop full figures, Nduku has dedicated herself to working on the American standard for sexiness.

She’s humble, and probably is blushing as she reads this, but I have to say her four days a week going to the gym, going to boot camps, running and working out at home the days she doesn’t go to the gym, dramatically changing her diet and eating habits, joining support groups of other women encouraging each other, and any and every thing else she can has definitely paid off. She has curves, again, and has been replacing all her jeans as none of the ones from last year fit anymore.

Before we left, the stage area at the bottom of 18th Street came alive with dancers in elaborate costumes dancing in ways my body can’t. We checked them out for a moment as they wiggled and gyrated, inviting the audience to join them. I couldn’t get my dad to jump into the fray; then when I saw one of the dancers headed my way, I made a run for it myself. My hips simply aren’t as lubricated as theirs.

Adams Morgan Day Festival 2012

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Eventually we made it back home. I fired up the DVR. I held my breath as RGIII took the field and to top off a perfect day, he led the Redskins to a slaughtering of the New Orleans Saints, spanking them 40-32. The game wasn’t as close as the score implies.

Today, was a good day.

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