Published On: Sat, Aug 4th, 2012

That Annual Pilgrimage to Redskins Training Camp

Mike Jackson at Redskins Training Camp

Once practice came to a close, coach Mike Shanahan gave some remarks and the players headed to the throngs of fans to sign autographs, Robert Griffin III walked directly to where my homeboy Mike and I were standing. And as soon as everyone realized he was coming our way, it turned into a mosh pit.

Standing just a few feet away from RGIII, I was getting dry humped by this dude with a Baylor helmet literally crying out “Robert,” as if he knew him, to sign the helmet. He didn’t care that he was crushing all of us between him and the fence where RGIII was standing. But he wasn’t the only one. We near the front were getting sandwiched by the people in the back, pushing so hard, that one of the wooden fence poles cracked, the barrier about coming down, RGIII signing just a few more autographs before someone mean-looking told him to sign elsewhere. I didn’t get his autograph. No worries. As long as Baylor-helmet guy didn’t either.


Redskins Fan Appreciation Day, that annual pilgrimage every Redskins fan has to make, is just what you need to relieve the withdrawal from the offseason and finally know that it’s about that time again. I did get a few autographs, though. London Fletcher and Trent Williams being the most notable. Mike also got Pierre Garcon, DeAngelo Hall, Evan Royster, Reed Doughty and about twice as many as I did.

While in the mosh pit for London Fletcher, a guy shouted out that he was from Ohio. Fletch, who attended St. Joeseph High School in Cleveland, Ohio, asked where, and of course the guy said Cleveland. Fletch instantly said, “no you’re not. People from Cleveland say they’re from Cleveland, not Ohio.” Keeping his composure, the fan said, “Ok, I’m not from Cleveland, but my hat is.” Chuckled from everyone. He got an autograph.

London Fletcher signing autographs

Trent Williams

Though there has been speculation of Chris Cooley’s role with the Redskins, there is no doubt he is still one of the favorite Redskins there is. I didn’t even get close to getting an autograph, standing behind a mass of people throwing ‘bows for a chance of an autograph.

There were the usual Redskins-decked-out vehicles. Not just bumper stickers and flags, but completely pimped out rides. There was also the Redskins 80th anniversary “Thank You” bus wrapped in the burgundy and gold.

Redskins Hummer

Redskins Van

Redskins Bus

Redskins Bus

It’s that time of year! Hail to the Redskins!

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