Published On: Sat, Aug 18th, 2012

R.I.P. Fellow OAHS Blackhawk Gabriel Sanchez

Gabriel SanchezWhen we both lived in Bremerhaven, Germany, I can’t say that Gabriel Sanchez and I were the best of friends. Probably the opposite. But we were kids, we were [at least I was] influenced by peer pressure and we simply didn’t take a moment to get to know each other.

Thanks to Facebook, Gabriel and I reconnected several years ago, both being alumni of Osterholz American High School. We exchanged a few emails, in a sense reconciling our OAHS days, and found out we have more in common than we knew. Regardless of our past history, Gabriel was very supportive as I entered fatherhood, commenting on blog posts, sent a few emails with advice, some humor and if anything else, he showed me that life always starts anew today and you have to not only let go of the past, but you have to appreciate the moment you have right now because it goes by so fast.

I am sad to say that Gabriel has been killed in a car accident, hit by a Mustang vehicle while riding his motorcycle, and to make it worse, the driver left the scene of the accident and is now facing criminal charges.

Taking a look at the photos on his Facebook page, one thing you’ll notice instantly is that Gabriel smiles in virtually every single photo! He smiles a genuine smile. He smiles so much that you smile.

Though this is tragic and hard for me to comprehend, I know Gabriel is smiling right now, knowing the he will be missed.

RIP Gabriel Sanchez.

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