Published On: Fri, Aug 10th, 2012

Najwa Has Different Ideas of What to Do With Her New Trike

Man do kids grow fast!

Just under two years ago our family introduced Najwa to the world. Coming in at 7 pounds 5 ounces, I remember sitting there in the delivery room when they handed me this tiny bundle of lifetime responsibility thinking, “what do I do now!?”

Before I knew it Najwa had teeth, she was celebrating her first birthday, then she was running around Dubai. Whenever anyone asks about her, I try to tell them everything I can about everything that has happened before I forget. I blog about her a lot, but that’s only a fraction of the moments we experience everyday. I’m still looking for the video of Najwa spinning in circles until she’s dizzy then crashing into the stove from dizziness.

I make it a point to spend some quality time with her before she starts asking for the car keys. Some weekends I’ll take her to the park, either Lovejoy Park where she may be the only child there or Lincoln Park where she obsesses over the water fountains. She’s getting too active to keep strapped up in a stroller so we recently got her a tricycle. State of the art. Parent control steering, bell to warn people of oncoming unlicensed driver [rider?], seat with back support, everything but a whistle.

So the other weekend when we went to the park, I threw Najwa in the seat and off we went. She’s still working on her coordination so peddling on her own isn’t happening. I push the tricycle with the parent steering column. I have to stop every now and again [more like every 10 seconds] to put her feet back on the pedals to keep them from dragging on the sidewalk.

Apparently Najwa got tired of spending all her energy on keeping her feet on those revolving pedals that seem to move to fast for her. I encourage independence as much as I can, sometimes to my detriment, and this was one of those moments where she decided she was going to do it her way. She decided she was going to walk and what’s usually a 10 minute walk was looking like it was going to take us half an hour. Or longer.

I edited out the part where I was begging her to sit in the seat, put her feet on the pedals and go with the flow. Only I didn’t say it as nicely. Just like her daddy, though, she did what she wanted to do. And that was to be in control of the situation.

But how can I get mad at her? She truly is the most precious thing in my life. Especially when she’s rocking her Redskins gear, courtesy of the Jackson family.

At the rate we were going though, since the forecast was a heat index in the hundreds, we weren’t going to get to the park until the sun was at its hottest, melting us like ants under a microscope. The playground is in the shade but the walk there only offers an occasional shade and lots of heat.

Whenever I would grab her, sit her in her seat and push, she’d protest, loudly, then stand back up and take control of the pace unaware of her daddy’s frustration.

But she compromised with me. Not that she sat down and held tight for the ride. Instead, she took complete control over her new trike and helped daddy push with no one sitting in the seat.

You know, no matter how frustrating it gets fighting your child to do what you want her to do, at the end of the day, you can only appreciate that you have that moment to spend with your daughter. Literally it feels not too long ago that Najwa was sub-10 pounds, drinking four ounces of milk max [albeit every couple of hours] and working on her coordination. Today she’s this take control almost-two-year-old who truly does make the most ordinary moments memorable.

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