Published On: Thu, Jun 28th, 2012

You Never Know What To Expect From Najwa at a Park [3:22]

Just down the street from our pad is a park. It’s most commonly called Lincoln Park. Others call it Bethune Park because of the controversial statue of Lincoln freeing a slave called the Emancipation Memorial. To Najwa, it’s all the same.

She really loves the slides, though sometimes she just stands at the top and pretends like she’s captain of the ship. Or maybe she doesn’t want to have to climb the steps again. There are other kids there, most of them older than Najwa, and sometimes they get a little territorial. But Najwa [so far] has shown patience and grace with the kids. I’m waiting for that Gaines temper to come out. Of course, she’s oblivious right now that some of the other kids are being pushy, but as they say, ignorance is bliss.

Most of the kids, though, are nice, polite and curious as to what Najwa is saying when she starts babbling. They have no idea that a few years ago that was them. It’s amazing watching how kids interact with each other, as if they understand each other in a way we parents never will.

When Najwa sees a ball, though, she does become the pushy kid. No matter who’s holding the ball, she tries to yank it out their hands. She’ll then walk around with the ball, making sure no one takes it from her. I warn other parents not to be so nice and give her the ball unless they want to deal with their kids crying that Najwa won’t relent.

There are two play areas at Lincoln Park. The one I like the most is the one where it looks like she’d get hurt the least. It’s for the smaller kids. But Najwa insisted on going to the other play area, the one with the bigger kids and more ways to get hurt.

But she got fixated on, not the slides, not the monkey bars, not the other fixtures crawling with other kids. Najwa, instead, was obsessed with the drinking fountain.

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